1up's TGS Sony Games Sneak Peek

On 1ups 9/14/07 podcast they were able to find out a few of the games that are coming out for the PS3. Not sure if they'll all be announced at TGS though. Listen to the podcast. Other than these games that they confirmed will be at TGS, they also announced that the DualShock 3 controller will finally be revealed at TGS.

(PS3) (RPG) Eternal Sonata (Trustybell) with 2 extra characters.
(PS3) (RPG) Steambot Chronicles 2
(PS3) (RPG) Persona 4
(PS3) (Flight Sim) Ace Combat 6
(PS3) (RPG) White Knight Story will be playable!
(PS3) (RPG) Star Ocean 4
(PS3) (Action Adventure RPG) Yakuza 3

(PSP) (RPG) Steambot Chronicles: Vehicle Battle Tournament
(PSP) (Action RPG) Kingdom Hearts Spin off! More Kingdom Hearts to be announced for other platforms.
(PSP) (Golf) Hot Shots Golf 2
(PSP) (Wierd? lol) Patapon (LocoRoco fans may love it)

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Well, people can't complain more about RPG is all that come to be true... And we don't have FF's on this list, as much as any MMORPG, like The Agency or whatever NCSoft would have in mind to state for the next months.

_insane_cobra3906d ago

People will stop complaining about the lack of JRPGs when they start coming out. Luckily, seems like at least WKS will be out soon.

Violater3907d ago

It didn't sound that way to me.

TheFatOne3907d ago

@violater it still can be. You know Sony will keep some secrets so they can announce them at TGS.

superdude3907d ago

has ace combat 6 been confirmed for ps3?

power of Green 3907d ago

It was said the other day at the TGS conference that it can only be played on one Next-gen console, what that means I do not know...

" Sensui introduced stunning new trailers of Ace Combat 6 and Devil May Cry 4, noting in between that Ace Combat 6 can only be played on the 360".

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The story is too old to be commented.