Super Street Fighter 4, NFS Shift now on XBL Games on Demand

Fans of downloadable convenience might like to know that Super Street Fighter 4 and Need for Speed Shift are now available via Xbox Live Games on Demand. SSF4 is available for $40, while Shift is a slightly more palatable $30. Oh, Operation Darkness -- the WWII strategy game with vampires and zombies -- is also available today for $40. You know, in case you were waiting for it.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2893d ago

Wow super street fighter for $40?

Buy it on for Less Than 20 like it did lol.

Kamikaze1352893d ago

Yeah....I NEVER understood why most of the times, digital distribution is more expensive than buying a retail copy. Even Gamestop has it for cheaper than that ($30 new).