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In the old days, video games rarely had strong stories or engaging characters. Sure, plenty of old school RPGs had a "fight the bad guy and conquer evil" plotline, but we've come to expect more from our games as they've evolved. However, not all games can be winners in the plot department, and sometimes, the blame can be placed squarely on a lame character. Whether they get on your nerves for being poorly introduced, too chatty, or useless overall, these characters are all prime examples of when good games give us bad characters.

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WildArmed2891d ago

Good list.
I agree w/ most of them.
Some I'm on the edge about.
I mean I never really 'hated' Sheva, as much as indifferent to her,
She was always 'just there' you know?

As far as Hope goes, I agree 100%.

Star Ocean characters were always annoying to me. (including the ps2 one, till the end of time?)

Cloud? I couldn't care much. All I know he sure whined alot, but I'm still mainly 'indifferent' to him. His QQing did make the game unbearable at times.
But it still was a great JRPGs.
Though, it's hardly the highlight of the FF franchise for me.

2891d ago