Can the Nintendo 3DS damage your eyes?

From Kickarss: "The new Nintendo 3DS is set to arrive soon and we already have received a lot of information regarding its stereoscopic capabilities. What is more important, we have also received health messages warning about the health risks associated with using the new Nintendo 3DS device and 3D technology in general. Should we be concerned about these?"

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MariaHelFutura2892d ago

Yes. Just like CPU monitors and TVs.

Shackdaddy8362892d ago

If I go blind then I will just have to go blind.

kesvalk2883d ago

it's funny, it's okay for you to watch a 2hours long movie in 3d but "3DS WILL BURN YOUR EYES IN 10 MINUTES OF PLAY!!!"

what the hell are ppl thinking, remmeber me when everything was demonic and evil...