TD Gaming Podcast Episode 205: Scary Poop

This week’s Gaming Podcast includes a gaming flashback on Rock N Roll Racing, a game that was very close to the game Derrick thought about last week. They've got community comments, as the usual, and a few good news articles that emphasis hacking:

* PS3 Hacking Begins in Earnest, and Sony “Looking Into” It
* Mac App Store Cracked
* Microsoft Thinks PC Kinect Hacks are “Cool”
* Nintendo 3DS to Have 3-8 Hours Battery Life
* Interplay Calls Bethesda’s Legal Claims Absurd
* Lord of the Rings Online Triples Profit

The focus on security and hacking brings out the emotions in this episode, we’re sure you’ll have a few things to say about it as well. Say on young warriors! (and warriorette’s). This week's question of the week: What non-game features do you enjoy on your videogame console, and what features do you find useless?

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