4 minutes of Tekken 6

More then 4 minutes of new gameplay taken from TGS 2007 showing off more of Tekken 6. It packs the full punch of next-gen power for the first PS3 chapter in the acclaimed fighting franchise.

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nasim3936d ago

BTW people a refurbished x360 dies within 5 minutes actually.
HS has already killed x360 in EU .

TEKKEN,FF13 and MGS 4 will kill wii and x360 all over the world.

TEKKEN 6 makes DOA look like a wii game

Skynetone3935d ago

they f**ked up all my favorite characters and ive lost interest in teken

re-release teken tag and all is forgiven

DJ3936d ago

but so far it looks pretty good.


It's Lili VS. Xiaoyu in the last movie. Gamevideos has write Kiaotu! ^^

Radiomorph3936d ago

Gameplay and animations seem to have the same standard as five years ago. I was expecting more. =/

Skerj3936d ago

It might just be the crappy low res videos but this looks just like Dark Resurrection to me. I'm hoping they have character models on par with the character art for Tekken 5/DR.

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The story is too old to be commented.