Decision looms in Microsoft-EU row

The long-running dispute between Microsoft and the European Union will finally be decided on Monday. Three years ago, the European Union issued an anti-trust ruling against Microsoft for what it said was an illegal abuse of Microsoft's near-monopoly in the computer operating system market.

According to Jonathan Todd of the European Commission, the case is a classic example of dirty tricks by a powerful company.

It ordered the company to change its business practices. It also imposed the highest fine in European history - almost half-a-billion euros.

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Lex Luthor3907d ago

What does this have to do with the 360?

DEADEND3907d ago

I was thinking the samething.

stonedog3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

is that the decision could potentially have very a very big effect on how M$ does business in Europe and globally. It is as relevant to M$ and the 360 as the post that Sony was selling off its insurance business to gain liquidity was to the PS3.

The very substantial fines which M$ is facing can not regarded even by M$ as a cost of doing business. M$ very size is evidence of its abuse of a dominant position.

The knock on being reduced resources for M$ to compete in the the console market; remember the 360 does not make money right now. The effect of the EU ruling in this matter I believe are far more devestating reachingand long for M$ than $1bn charge for the RROD. Ideed it is this type of situation that has M$ looking to diversify in new markets.