Prinny 2 Review [Game Revolution]

"Even on its lowest difficulty setting, Prinny 2 can be a beast. If you decide to pick this up, be ready for a huge challenge." - Eduardo Reboucas

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Sev2896d ago

Them some nice panties, Dood!

dbjj120882896d ago

Stop looking at my underwear, dood.

KDermod2896d ago

I've always been a fan of Disgaea, but was a little reticent to check out any of the Prinny games. This...might actually be worth a peek, though.

dbjj120882896d ago

I don't need any more difficult games thank you. I already have Ys The Oath in Felghana....

Koolaye2896d ago

haha nice opening sentence.

samurailincoln2896d ago

Penguins and panties. I feel like less of a perv knowing there's a demographic for this stuff.

Neckbear2896d ago

It's not like the actual "panties" thing must be taken seriously, though.

It's just a light-hearted joke.

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