How To Use a Real Guitar With Rock Band 3 submitter wirelessdreamer writes: "Using a real guitar, with a hex-aphonic pickup, and guitar synth rock band 3 pro guitar mode can be played NOW with a real guitar. Thanks to the game2midi project for makeing g2ghpro a multiplatform release. Selfless promotion as the submitter is the game2midi project lead :)"

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Kran2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Would you be better off using a real guitar?

Well if you know how to play it, yes. Saves you about $100 from buying the Rockband prop guitar....

NAME CHANGE :D Now I can disguise myself, and pretend I was never clockback.... oh sh*t, just exposed my identity... im still N4G's most hated :P

Ice2ms2893d ago

who the hell is clockback xD

Kran2893d ago

:O So Im not the most hated user on N4G? YAY!

distorted_reality2893d ago

Been thinking about modding a guitar i've got sitting around the same way.....though not for Rock Band purposes lol.

gedapeleda2893d ago

Do people who play real guitar play gh and rb?

DundahMifflin2893d ago

I play guitar, and I prefer Rock Band to Guitar Hero. RB is loads of fun, whether or not I play real guitar. Guitar Hero in the other hand...meh.

ddelella2893d ago

The Axon AX-100 is around $300. Why would I spend that to play one of my real guitars with a game? The pro fender mustang is only $120. Unless the price point to use a real guitar is under that I am not interested.

nix2893d ago

it's like learning English and then learning French just to screw/confuse your English.

IHateYouFanboys2892d ago

how so?

pro mode in RB3 is literally playing real guitar 1:1. you play the same tabs that you play on a real guitar when you play a song in expert pro mode in RB3. if you can play a song on real guitar, you can play it on RB3 pro mode. likewise if you can play it on pro mode, you can play it on real guitar.

nix2892d ago

sorry.. i was comparing knowing how to play guitar and playing Guitar hero with it's default guitar.