At Least This Guy's Excited About Mark Wahlberg In Uncharted

Kotaku: The popular choice for the role of Uncharted's Nathan Drake keeps things classy on Twitter, weighing in on the unexpected casting of Mark Wahlberg as the charismatic, half-tucked treasure hunter in the big screen adaptation.

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-Mezzo-2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Good, He Decided to be the bigger man.

@TheDarkness :

Agreed, i like his work as well, but he is so not "Nathan Drake".

fail0verflow2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

He's a good actor and will do great. What is important, the rumors about Drake's father and uncle turned out to be fake, that would destroy movie a lot more than lead actor not being Nathan.

TheDarkness2895d ago

mark wahlberg is one of my favorite actors. he plays good roles

Lamarthedancer2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Oh come off it Fillion, you know the fan reaction towards Walhberg and your trying to calm everyone down, well it won't work but I respect you for being the bigger man :) Yes some people don't like his acting at all, I like it I thought he was pretty funny in the other guys and showed a great acting skills in the departed

But when it comes to playing a video game character whos personality is nothing like what your used to showing on screen then no.....Marks likely to make this movie crap. Sorry Nathan but deep down you knew you should of got the part....heck you wanted the part. I'm not saying I wanted Fillion but I can respect the large fanbase that wanted him to be Drake, I'm on Nolan Norths side or Bradly cooper if there was going to be a big well known star :)

Kalipekona2895d ago

Nolan North does an amazing job voicing Drake and he seems like a really nice guy, but he really doesn't look like Nathan Drake much at all.

MajestieBeast2895d ago

Gerard Butler for Nathan drake! THIS IS UNCHARTED!

Kran2895d ago

Yeh..... that joke died out like 2 years ago...

Kran2895d ago

He's just trying to get some attention because he wanted the role so bad and the wrong choice for Nathan Drake was chosen.

I bet this is what happened.

With Nathan Fillion, the Uncharted movie would have earned about $600Million.

Then Mark was announced to play him. Whoops. Drops to $100Million.

And the chances of a sequel movie has been crushed.

Marv2895d ago

Wow you must be pyschic to know how good the movie will do even though no information was given out about the movie. People should give Mark a chance and see what happens. If people dont like the movie then so what it doesnt make the game worse.

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The story is too old to be commented.