Square Enix: "We hope to meet Final Fantasy VII again"

Yet another hint to a Final Fantasy VII remake: Inside Crisis Core's limited edition bundle there is a mini-book that features images from Final Fantasy VII's technical demo and the following text:

"We hope to meet Final Fantasy VII AGAIN!"

Does that mean a remake is coming? Perhaps Square Enix will finally answer the question at TGS 2007.

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AznSniper3905d ago

Why do they keep teasing us?

THC CELL3905d ago

if ps3 wants to sell this game is going to do it no matter who u are
even that mart would run out and buy a ps3 for this game and let dust shade over his x box pads.

Mart u read this
Don't lie

Ps there are many games that will sell ps3 but this is a big one

I think sony are keeping this on a low profile for now but i really think its going to happen
Only on ps3

Bebedora3905d ago

He just pressed agree, I think. :)

Scrooge3905d ago

FFVII was the only Final Fantasy game I ever played. I would deffinitely buy a PS3 in order to play it, it was that good. I never did beat the last guy though...

TheMART3905d ago

THC Cell

So where does it say PS3 only if this is just a rumor?

I thought I read Square Enix is using the multiplatform engine nowadays for their games... Mmmmhhhhh... The Last Remnant, for 360 also, FFVII for 360 also

Well well. But I'm not into RPG's that much so I don't really care even.

Skerj3905d ago

Last Remnant is made with the Unreal Engine not the White Engine from the FFXIII games.

zantetsuken3905d ago

SCE holds hte publishing rights to FF VII. Just like MS holds it to Gears of War and Ninja Gaiden 2. It's not going to 360 unless Sony says yes, and we all know that won't happen.

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DaTrooF3905d ago

this sh!t is getting old.we know its coming.
just give a official anouncement already!

Thursday3904d ago

They're japanese, haven't you seen their gameshows? Torture is totally their thing.


devilsadvocate3905d ago

Then it is coming!! This is gonna be off the friggin wall!!! How hyped will this be when they finally announce it.

I still prefer the materia system of magic in all of the final fantasy games. Cant wait, almost wished i didn play it qagain recently on my psp! Gonna start ff8 right now on psp

Azures3905d ago

its all well and good, but 13 needs to be fantastic.

Baba19063905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

13 will be great. i have no doubt. i loved 12. it was great. hope for a little more magic and little less politics. =D but cant wait for both 7 und 13

Bebedora3905d ago

FF XII was great, but not FF great. Did never feel engaged by the story.