Wallbouncing Returns To Gears of War 3: Horrific Mistake Or Unparalleled Brilliance?

Lead designer for Gears of War 3, Cliff Bleszinski, tweeted that wallbouncing will be returning in Gears of War 3 after being absent in Gears of War 2. Wallbouncing could be criticized as being unrealistic, while Gears of War gamers loved it in the first game and missed it dearly in the second.

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RonaldRaygun2865d ago

Definitely a good thing. It adds a much needed level of skill to the MP. And for the people complaining about it being unrealistic: You're fighting gigantic reptile-men who emerged from underground and want to take over the planet. It was never very realistic in the first place.

jbl3162865d ago

yea my thoughts exactly. It's not like an Army simulated game or something, so wall bouncing should not matter to a game that is already unrealistic to begin with.

BigO2865d ago

Don't care too much but wall bouncing but i hope they fix the lag... Running all the way to the torque bow then being glitched back to my spawn humping the wall sucks... <<<<< this happened very often...

JohnnyBadfinger2865d ago

Imagine what the lag was like if you lived in Australia like me... Gears 1 i must have played a 1000+ multiplayer matches...Gears 2 only about 30, Gears with dedicated servers and Matchmaking fails hard.

Gears 1 layout was so simple and you always had a perfect connection... though the host advantage once you got past the extra blood on the screen was a little extreme.

maverick8782865d ago

Glad this is coming back. I was a huge UT2004 fan back in the day and one of the little things that really made me love the feel of the game was double-jumping. It just worked with experience. Sometimes it's the little things that can make a game and maybe walljumping is one of them for GOW3.

Otheros002865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

God of war 3 does not have wall jumping.
GOW3 should only apply to God Of War 3 since it came out first and it confuses people when you use it for Gears of war.

Edit: for got to add that GOW is already associated with God Of War way before gears of war existed.

kaveti66162865d ago

Except that in a thread about Gears of War, only someone with a mental disability who shouldn't be allowed on the internet in the first place would get confused if you used the acronym GOW3 to denote Gears of War 3.

maxcer2865d ago

this site fucking blows, if its not a ps3 related article all we get is bitchy comments and retards flooding the comment section.

Ryudo2865d ago


Not that I disagree but are you really setting the bar any higher?

thief2865d ago

"only someone with a mental disability who shouldn't be allowed on the internet in the first place"
Well, that exactly defines the userbase for a game like Gears

peowpeow2865d ago

Why? Because you think your above everyone else for not playing Gears?

I think it's clear who has the mental disability here

R2D22865d ago

@peow peow - He has a point. The headlines says Gears and they picture is of Gears - why would any one think some is talking about God of War unless the are being little whiny pricks who have nothing better to do than talk about a PS3 in a 360 exclusive related article.

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acere2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

less of a reason to own a360 but you all need a justification for that yearly fee usa =the worldz

Mmmkay2865d ago

cause 5% of the population lives there..?

Kon2865d ago

China and India = The world.

LunaticBrandon2865d ago

Almost makes me want to renew my Live.

Theo11302865d ago

Gears of Wars strengths were deciding to take fun or logic. Like the fact that most multiplayer matches turned into CQC shotgun battles, tagging people with smoke or regular grenades.

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