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Game Podunk Blogger, Jdodd91 writes, "Okay, lets get something out of the way here first... I consider myself a "hardcore gamer." I have all 3 Current Gen Consoles (poor Wii though, all you do these days is play Netflix... I need to pick up the new Goldeneye... ^_^ ), and play the "Real" games on all three (except for LittleBigPlanet, but that's just stupid good fun anyway.) I have a group of friends I played each version of COD with since Modern Warfare (I was actually in the Beta for MW, and sold all of them on it when we all still worked together). In other words, and I can provide more evidence of so requested, I feel I have decent street cred as a hardcore gamer. A few days after it came out, my girlfriend picked us up a Kinect and Dance Central. And We LOVE IT!...

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darthv722896d ago

I think, we all came from humble casual beginnings and evolved into playing more hardcore games. I dont see an issue with supporting gaming as a whole. That means wii, move/ps3 and kinect/360. Others would see fit to disagree as if in denial of their casual roots.

It's ok to play both.

Godmars2902896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

The only thing wrong with your thinking is that Move, Kinect and Wii already existed in the form of lightgun games. That they're all more reinvention than innovation.

As Move and Kinect are coming into the market Wii is failing and is only proving itself as a gimmick. That as Move is just plain being overshadowed MS is showing that they have little real control over the media monster they created with Kinect. Have hackers showing what it can do while hopelessly waiting for its second wave of titles which aren't due for months. As hype cools and slows.

Biggest2896d ago

I like how he consoles his Wii because of its inactivity (Why would anyone with a 360 or PS3 use the Wii for Netflix? Is HD bad for your eyes or something?) but then defends the Kinect, which is even weaker than the Wii for it's gaming capabilities and foreseeable library.

I am still trying to figure out why so many fanboys or random opinion writers feel that you can defend Kinect with its success in sales. What does that have to do with gaming? I have seen people mention that if something (console/peripheral) sells more, developers will have more of a reason to make great games and applications for it. Nintendo forgot about great games in the face of their casual success. Microsoft decided to take some time off from making great games because of the projected success of Kinect. I'm not attacking the Kinect. I am still trying to figure out why the people here feel the need to defend something that is so obviously shallow compared to their usual and repeated tendencies.

Agent-862896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Great comment. I also caught that inconsistency when saying he has all consoles, yet watches Netflix on the Wii. Huh? When you can do it in HD and 5.1 sound on the PS3?

Another big fail with this article is his math and lack of knowledge about gross profit. $56 is only the cost of materials with none of the R&D costs included. The thing also didn't magically assemble itself so there's manufacturing costs. The boxes had to be shipped so there is packaging and shipping costs. Then, the retailer also took a cut because they don't sell things for free and have to recover costs. Plus, don't forget that massive marketing budget of $500 million. All said and done, MS would be lucky to be grossing $10-20 a unit, not the $100 the author estimates.

thenickel2896d ago

Not sure why anybody is defending it or even Move until some serious games come out and prove it's worth. I really like Kinect and it's potential but can't help but notice that MS has really lost it's way. Does anybody here remember when MS would send out thank you cards and information about core games coming? Something has been off ever since Peter left and I for one hope they prove me wrong by E3.

dalibor2896d ago

Well I guess I could say I starting off gaming in a more tougher era I guess, oldschool Megaman, X-men, Castlevania, Contra, Battletoads, Spyhunter, Maximum Carnage, TMNT, Jurrasic Park, Donkey Kong, heck even old Mario was tough at times. But all these games hardly have the save features of games today. In my opinion that is what makes games of today a tad bit easier than before. It's more forgiving to a degree. It could be just me though. But think about getting into gaming years age compared to now. It's different that's for sure.

Agent-862896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

What a "whah" article. Oh cry me a river. Kinect still has zero appeal to me, especially as a gaming device. I think it deserves the scorn and support gaming sites the right to put it down.

blumatt2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

I wouldn't have a huge problem with it if it cost less. It doesn't need to be $150 when the PS Eye costs $40 and does nearly the same thing. I have Kung Fu Live for PS3 and it works great and it does something the Kinect has yet to do, putting your body in the game. Like literally, it shows YOU in the game.

yippiechicken2896d ago

Try Your Shape: Fitness Evolved. It can show YOU in the game if thats what you choose.

blumatt2896d ago

Yes, but that's not the same as what Kung Fu Live does. Go watch a video of Kung Fu Live and see what I mean.

drsnobby2896d ago

Do you have kinect and have you seen or played any of the fitness games?

yippiechicken2896d ago

Yeah, it may not be the exact same thing but have you used Your Shape? I know in most of the trailers for the game it shows your in game character as the blob looking thing but you have a lot of skins you can choose from and one of them is an actual overlay of you like in Kung Fu Live. And, your in game character has 3d tracking that is done amazingly well.

I have watched many videos of Kung Fu Live as I'm thinking about downloading it. Looks stupidly fun! :)

blumatt2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Ok. Wasn't aware of that, but I still think they should do more of the things they were showing Kinect do at first. Remember them showing scanning in real objects and putting them in-game. lol I hate when companies show off stuff like that and don't actually implement it.

Yeah, you should go buy Kung Fu Live. Cool game, especially for $15. That's how much Kinect games SHOULD cost.

whitesoxfalife2895d ago

um slow down kid yourshape does show your body u if you choose to see your clothing or not i can attest to it cuz i have it

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Tinasumsum2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

What a "whah" comment. Oh cry us a river. Kinect has mass appeal to millions especially for gaming. I think it deserves the fairness and support gaming sites have and consumers have the right to praise it.

Agent-862896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

So, millions watch American Idol, making it one of the top rated shows. Does that make it good? Popularity makes something good? Still a crappy show and has zero appeal to me. Same with Kinect. People are free to praise or put it down as they feel. Go ahead a support mediocrity and what's popular. I like quality games and shows....something that Kinect and American Idol are not.

hennessey862896d ago

kinect sports, dance central, kinect adventures and your shape to name but a few and before you blab on about hardcore this hardcore that. I already have hardcore titles to play, kinect gives me something different and if thats what you call mediocrity then so be it but i bet you havnt even played kinect game.

yippiechicken2896d ago

Well, that's kinda how it works. If something is very popular and is enjoyed by "millions", then yes, it is generally "good" to those people.

Just because you or I don't like something that is popular, that doesn't mean it is bad. In fact, we'd be the ones in the minority.

Strikepackage Bravo2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

@Agent 86 Quality in entertainment is not defined that way. If millions of people enjoy American Idol, and it is top rated then it is a quality show. That is how quality is measured in entertainment.

Just because its not to YOUR liking or tastes does not mean it is not a quality program. Who are you to decide what is quality and what is not?

Do you have any idea how many non gamers think gaming is a low quality waste of time as a whole, just because they dont like gaming? Does that mean Uncharted was a low quality piece of crap? I know guys who only play Halo, they think everything else is garbage, so are they right, just because they say so?

Why are you even here? Why are any of you PS3 trolls here, we all know you hate Kinect because move is Wii, why the need to tell us yet again?

Edit: for the record, I hate American Idol, never watched a full show.

Agent-862896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

@Strikepackage Bravo, that might be the way you define quality, but definitely not me. Quality in entertainment is mostly defined by critical acclaim. Just like in movies, TV or games, sometimes they overlap and you have something that's critically acclaimed and popular. But also, sometimes the critically acclaimed become flops and critically flamed become hits. The point is quality does not always equal popular and popular does not always equal quality.

Oh, and for the record, I'm not a PS3 troll (funny, a troll mention coming from a "one-bubbler"); I'm primarily a PC gamer . I also own a PS3 as a sidekick, but have nothing against the 360 or its users. I just went with the PS3 because they have more true exclusives that I can't get on PC. However, I do not like Kinect or the direction it could take gaming. Sorry, that's just my opinion and I'm free to make it and will continue to do so.

Ryudo2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )


Looks it your comment history I wouldn't call you a troll as such but I can take a few things from it.

1) You don't own a 360 have no intention of owning a 360 and will most likely never own a 360.

This leads to me the question why are you here, Kinect ain't for you it doesn't effect you it's not going to stop the steady amount of quality exclusives you enjoy from your PS3.

2) You take every chance possible to promote your ideal gaming scenario, You talk about your PC and PS3 constantly how the work so well together.

That's fine and am also a PS3/PC gamer currently, but am not ignorant enough to pretend my style of gaming suits everyone. Which brings me to my 3rd point.

3) in your comment history I noticed you pointing out if Kinect is the future of gaming your go down kicking and screaming.

I really don't understand the logic behind this statement how does opening up the gaming market to the casuals somehow effect your experience.

Like you have pointed out time and time again, you don't own a 360 so really Kinect doesn't effect you at all. You still have your great Sony exclusives to play.

So why come here simply to try take a shit on everyone that doesn't agree with your ideas of what gaming should be?

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yippiechicken2896d ago

Dude, I think you'd better try Kinect!

"Remember them showing scanning in real objects and putting them in-game"

I know this isn't exactly the same thing but in Joyride you can hold any item up and it will be scanned and your in game car will be exactly the same color of whatever you held up. It doesn't matter what item you use. We were trying all kinds of different colored stuff and it worked flawlessly!

blumatt2896d ago

I'm just not interested in paying four times as much for a Kinect as I did the PS Eye to get an experience that's not even twice as good. The price is what turns me off, man. And the fact that no hardcore games support it, as of yet anyway.

Smootherkuzz2895d ago

I didn't know you could do that in Joyride, thats interesting that means that more games may use this feature in the future.

Father Murder X2896d ago

MONEY TALKS and Bulls%it runs a marathon.

Stupid fanboys it's all about the money. Kinect is making boatloads of money. This is the bottomline. This business isn't about arthouse projects or winning awards. Its about making money. You all laughed and talked about how Kinect was going to flop. It has done the complete opposite. You guys think that they re going to stop making core games because if KInect.

Casual makes more money than hardcore. Nintendo has shown them the way. Shut up and enjoy the ride or find yourself a new hobby.

awesomeperson2896d ago

You have just pretty much said that your not a gamer.

You would prefer your chosen company to have casual games so they can make more MONAAAYYSSS.

How many shares do you own in M$?

hennessey862896d ago

hes telling the truth. All companys are the same, there here to make money. What do you think will happen if killzone 3 or uncharted dont sell aswell as they should do you think sony will continue to plow money into exclusives. Look at alan wake microsoft got burned with that one, 360 gamers were to busy playing cod to notice it had come out. I have kinect and im getting my moneys worth out of it.

awesomeperson2896d ago

He seems to be caring more about the sales of microsoft products more than the quality of games which are coming out.

All companys are the same, but he is SOUNDING like he has major stakes in the company.

Father Murder X2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

I am a gamer dude since the Atari. I am just using common sense. I have 360/Kinect, Ps3/Move. I don't own any stock in any company.

teething2896d ago

Father is right. Money talks and there will be more exclusives than ever... But for kinect. Ms wont leave the hardcore crowd, but they can wxpect less love. Rhey have maxed the hardcore market... But big money still looms in the casual market.

Fanboys will get to brag on big numbers, but will lose with the exclusives race. Tis life.

Agent-862896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

@Father Murder X, BS! If Kinect is the future of gaming, then I'll go down kicking and screaming to defend the hobby I love rather than let it go down the road of mediocrity and appealing to the lowest common denominator.

teething2896d ago

I dont like it either... But you can't deny that ms is making the right move when cash factors in.

suicidalblues2896d ago

Have to agree with Agent. The better kinect does the more MS will want developers to program for it and not the 360. That means more casual games and less hardcore, as that is how kinect has been marketed. BTW, how many fitness games does it ALEADY have?

Smootherkuzz2895d ago

MS & developers will have games coming for Kinect and your reg so called hardcore game fix, you get some of both worlds.What makes people think that just because Kinect is doing well that everything else is going to stop? Sure there maybe a slow down with releases because so much is happening at once but when they pick up that will be worth the wait.Granted that all the new releases will not be great(nothing new) but some will so don't rush it, lets let them get it it gives me a chance to go back and complete some of those tricky games that were not finshed.

teething2896d ago

I got kinect and it is great for parties and true gaming exercise. It won't replace my core controller based games, but it is a nice change, and if is the first gaming system to truly get you up and going. That is a good thing.

drsnobby2896d ago

Kinect is a new edition to XBL and for the last time microsoft has not forsaken the core gamers.i,ve had kinect since launch and i love it.there is plenty of room on XBL for our casual brothers and sisters and i will welcome them all with open arms.

strickers2895d ago

The idiotic thing is that any motion system can be used to tell you to point at things and run on the spot.
Dance central works,if you play by its rules.As does Singstar Dance.As does EA Sports Active.
So Kinect,just like 360 is something where you can get the experience elsewhere(Sports are better on the others)and apart from one or 2 games,it's exclusives aren't worth it.

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