Sony PSP Slim VS. Original PSP: Side-by-side Comparison

After spending some time with the Ice Silver PSP, here's some of the pros and cons: The new PSP Slim launched last week, as the Limited Edition Daxter Entertainment Pack for $199.99. The bundle includes the Ice Silver PSP, 1 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, Daxter PSP Game, Family Guy: The Freakin' Sweet Collection, battery pack, AC adapter and cord, and manuals. It's a much better deal in comparison to the $169.99 Piano Black Core PSP, which doesn't include the game, UMD or 1 GB Memory stick.

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ShiftyLookingCow3935d ago

PSP Slim does feel very delicate.

g4n3935d ago

I picked up one on Wed and been using it a lot. I agree with the cons here, but they are really not "cons". while you may "think" the battery feels unsecure, or you "think" the UMD tray is flimsy. there has not been a major failure like RROD on the "ture" cheasy media drive on the 360 (for example).

BUT, there is def something going on here.
1. this "value pack" = $10...

normal PSP $169.99
Daxter $ 20.00
Family Guy $ 20.00
Total $209.99

PSP slim Daxter $200.

WoW, 9.99...

But anyway, just before the original PSP launch i remember reading more then one review stating "finally, a handheld gaming system that does not feel like a toy"
Most PSP owners agree, it does feel like an adult toy.

the psp slim does not, like i said before, so far, no major hardware problems, but it just plain feels "cheap"

It not that bad, but watch this, remove the UMD disk and use it for awhile, you'll see, it just feel like an empty peice of platic.

My theory, some GENIUS desinged this, and im willing to bet the manufacturing costs are almost 1/2 of the original.

they market it as the "slim and light" and thats only becuase the "cheaper" resdesign causes this.

Very smart IMO, i bet the core systems will start at 169.99 or less.

TheWishman3935d ago

Not to be a smart a$$ but you forgot that the package includes a 1GB Memory Duo...which costs around $30-$40 from Sony if i am not mistaken.

So its more of a $40 to $50 savings with the extra goodies.

ShiftyLookingCow3934d ago

savings are not much(somewhere between $10-15), but its limited edition with a unique color. Also screen is much better. It nowhere near feels as cheap as you say. Maybe for people who owned the previous model. But then its lighter.

akaFullMetal3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

i own it, and it doesnt feel cheap at all, but more expensive, since the whole thing feels glossey, better responsive buttons, and the tray is so easy to but games in, put besides all that, it feels so much lighter, really if you havent picked one up then you should get this, plus it running more fast with more ram, and also being able to hook up to a tv is kinda cool

ShiftyLookingCow3934d ago

agreed, feels good to hold the thing because of less weight.

SuperSaiyan43934d ago

And I think it feels a LOT better and doesn't feel like it will break into a million peices if you drop it.

The UMD tray feels flimsy and the memory card slot is not very well made lastly same goes for the awful design on the battery covery!

Other than that its superb, loading times well just a little bit quicker.

Oh lastly...I am in the UK and bought the base pack with 1 game (either SIMS or Burnout Dominator) for £130...That is $260!!!!!