Holding out for Kinect Air Guitar Hero (The DVG Show 22)

We've played the Kinect and now we are ready for some serious games to find their way to this controller-less device. With the creators of Rock Band, Harmonix, taking control of your living room and turning it into a dance floor with Dance Central, will there be a Air Guitar Hero on the way? What will you do to prove you're the best Air Guitarist when it hits Kinect?

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darthv722891d ago

a game called: airpocalypse. And the guys from that group could be the spokespeople for the game. It would spur lots of air guitarists to hone their skills for competition.

The game would not only track how you play but how artistic you can get with traditional rockin moves. Even score you on originality in pulling off hammer-ons.

blumatt2891d ago

Reminds me of that guy on America's Got Talent doing the air guitar as his act. He was damn good. lol On topic, this game had better be no more than $20.