Kinect Branded Nike Air Force 1 Kicks

Gamertag Radio writes: "Are we going to see this in the future? Kinect Branded Nike Air Force 1 Kicks"

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MintBerryCrunch2624d ago

they will cost $150

get it...get it :D, because.....ahh nevermind, people cant take a joke here

Corepred42624d ago

Not too bad but there's nothing in my wardrobe that these would go with. I'll stick with black, white or dark blue on my shoes.

blumatt2624d ago

I think this is a bit over the top, to be honest. Kinect branded's just ridiculous. And even if this were Move branded shoes, it would STILL be ridiculous.

awesomeperson2624d ago


Funny you should say that

FinalSpartan2624d ago

Those look kinda nice lol

MS with Kinect are on a owning spree. Fasting selling hardware ever making tonnes of money.

I don't like kinect though rather have MS give us some hardcore games and exclusives.

Seems like PS3 only place this year with solid titles for gaming bliss.

Bigpappy2624d ago

At least now I can see the bottom.

BlackBusterCritic2624d ago

Lmfao! That was a good one. XD

strickers2623d ago

Now you have something to go with the stained 360 underpants you own.
Hopefully they'll make Live branded,rubber gripped special gloves for you next.

R2D22623d ago

@stickers and I hope they make an extra wet cream for your dildo with the pink golf ball on top.

darthv722624d ago

this could actually lead to something more. Imagine if there were special kinect compatible clothing that added more precise tracking ability to the unit.

Nothing to outrageous like a mo-cap suit but something subtitle that the kinect could use to see more clearly. Could be a certain pattern of colors or a logo on a shirt.

I think it would be a bit cumbersome to remember to wear those articles of clothing when you want to play kinect but it could be possible.

seij5552624d ago

Pleas don't, you'll give ms ideas on how to rip people off even more.

blumatt2624d ago

And they'll charge people like $200 a pair.

Fishy Fingers2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

Nice, other than the branding.

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The story is too old to be commented.