What's the First Thing You'll do in LittleBigPlanet 2? | Mad Overdose writes: LittleBigPlanet 2 comes out next week and both my fiance and I are itching to get our hands on it. I have to admit, I felt a bit bad trading in the original LittleBigPlanet and got some strange looks from people, but when I told them it was to put towards LBP2, their attitudes changed completely. It makes sense though. Why do I even need the original game anymore? Everything (besides the campaign levels) are being bought over to the sequel anyway.

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Dramscus2896d ago

play through the entire story mode then make games

TheLastGuardian2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

First thing I want to try is Sackboy's prehistoric moves since I haven't tried it yet and I'm eager to see what's to come for LBP2 with Move.

Then I'm going to play Media Molecules games then check out some user made games then I'll mess around with the new creation tools.

I've been playing LBP all week trying to get the platinum before LBP2 comes out. I just need 100% of the bubbles and I'll have the platinum. I'm at 82%.

Name Last Name2896d ago

its obvious that everyones should play the single player first to get all the goodies and stuff for use in Create mode!

Focker4202896d ago

Grouping up with my friends, and jumping into the story.

Azmacna2896d ago

play the game. get everything possible. watch every tutorial. wait 1 - 3 months and look at the community levels for inspiration

dalibor2896d ago

Going to do the same thing but alas I'm going to play community levels with some of my online buddies for kicks. Not that there isn't anything wrong playing with other people who are not on you're friend list.

awesomeperson2896d ago

Sounds like trophy hunting :D

God dam it, I could never ace The Bunker in LBP1 :(

Name Last Name2896d ago

damm was that the level with the giant electric roulette? I aced that level after 100 tries and hated it for the rest of eternity!

awesomeperson2896d ago

Yeah with all the electricity... it took me over 100 tries to complete it without acing it, it nearly caused the death of one of my controllers/tv

starcb262896d ago

I aced it with my friend, except I turned off my controller during the electric wheel.

SnipeySnake2895d ago

I know what you mean! Even though i aced it, it was after so many tries i lost count.

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Boody-Bandit2896d ago

Play it until my eyes get so tired and can't see straight and my thumbs bleed! I'm not much of a designer so I have to rely on others for that. I will play it until all the way thru and then try to score as high as I can on every level playable by myself. Then I will take it online with friends.

TroyAndAbed2895d ago

Do yourself a favor and design a level. I am a terrible designer also. My levels looked like crap! They were extremely fun though! I'm proud of the levels I've designed. At least try it. ^_^

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