Batman: Arkham City getting big reveal at Comic Con? Batwoman included? An unknown source claiming to work at the location of this years Comic Con in Abu Dhabi is suggesting that Warner is ready to show Batman: Arkham City's new hero, Batwoman.

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Tikicobra2894d ago

It would be amazing if there was co-op and one player could play as Batwoman or Robin.

BryanBegins2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Well a couple of weeks ago, there were some rumours about the multiplayers, with a lot of details. It was sketchy cause the source was like a blog created just for this purpose, but at the same time, this blog has been forced to shut down because Rocksteady went to court. So my guess is that those details weren't too far from the truth. You can find those details by looking on google.

Basically, the guy was explaining that the multiplayer would be similar to free-roam in Read Dead Redemption. Meaning that players would enter Gotham and play as one of 12 characters (and thanks to dedicated servers, only one batman per Gotham). And so players could play coop, or versus. You could team up with Catwoman for instance and go beat up some thugs.

I really hope this is true.

despair2894d ago

yea I read that, seems to have merit to it, but who knows...I'll wait for the official announcement.

Legionaire20052887d ago

Hope so too cause Red Dead Redemption multiplayer was awesome!!! Batman Arkham City multiplayer would hopefully overshadow modern warfare 3(wishful thinking)lol!!

Jack-Pyro2894d ago

Well, I'll be at Comic-Con, so I'll let you know...