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Ares84PS32890d ago

Pretty crap update if you ask me.

despair2890d ago

not every update has to be a gem, but yea not much other than Qore I'm looking forward to here.

Ares84PS32890d ago

I didn't say that every update has to wow me. Just saying that this is a pretty bad update. I don't remember when we got such a lame update before this one.

UNCyrus2890d ago

Prinny 2 is definitely worth picking up for PSP

despair2890d ago

you are right though...this one is definitely the worst I can remember, not even good game vids other than pulse(and even that) to get lol. Good thing for PS+ or I wouldn't even have Qore to download.

Lucreto2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Yes it is bad but what do you expect it is the after Christmas lull. There was no one around to work on the content over Christmas. Things will improve by the end of the month.

Maddens Raiders2889d ago

this update sucks donkey ballz. Nice free wallpapers and such but where the hell are all the avatars and GT5 swag SNE???????

ryan_s2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

i entered the store and i thought they are still updating damn
and look at what they gave at plus hopefully next week would be a lot better

Rage_S902890d ago

where is xenogearssss!!!!!!!!!!

Tuxedo_Mask2890d ago

I'm waiting for Xenogears too... and Parasite Eve and Vagrant Story, but with every update it seems more logical just to buy them on Amazon. By the time they're released on the PSN they'll have already shipped and I'll have already beaten them, although it is more expensive than buying them on the PSN.

OllieBoy2890d ago

Shit update, but PSN has been on fire for a couple of months now.

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