PlayStation App Climbs iPhone Top Apps Chart

Since it's release this morning, the official PlayStation App for iPhone and Android has been climbing the iTunes free App chart.

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Chaostar2896d ago

I downloaded it for Android today, it's much better than the other free trophy apps I've tried before. Haven't had a good look through all the features yet though.

pangitkqb2896d ago

Anybody know when it is coming to North America?

Scary692896d ago

I have the same question as Pogibaldy, not sure if they have announced anything yet.

Snakefist302896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

I hope Apple release itunes for he ps3!

The_Count2896d ago

Keep hoping. Ain't gonna happen

remanutd552896d ago

the PSP 2 better launch with full psn functionality , even on mobile phones you can see whos online

StarScream4Ever2896d ago

Why this is not NA release I do not know...

Christopher2896d ago

Same reason why SCEE had PSN IDs and allows community sites to track PSN trophies. SCEE and SCEA are working independent of each other on these and SCEE is years ahead of SCEA when it comes to community service and Web presence.

StarScream4Ever2896d ago

Ah thnx for the info. Guess I'll be writing a letter of encouragement to SCEA to make such an app for us.

Lionalliance2896d ago

Wait, so it's just for EU for now?

jwk942896d ago

Kinda, depends on if you have an android or iphone. If you have an android you can download it from the web on your android, they posted a megaupload link earlier in the thread. Otherwise, yeah, it's just for EU right now.

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The story is too old to be commented.