The $500 Gaming Machine, 2007 Edition: Build Your Own Gaming Rig

This is an up-to-date, easy-to-follow "Do It Yourself" instruction for building your own $500 high-performance entry-level gaming PC that can handle the latest game titles. The 15-page guide covers every step from how to select and assemble the right components to testing and benchmarking the final assembled product.

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ShiftyLookingCow3875d ago

Whats the point of writing a guide to build a gaming rig when the only game tested is old Quake 4?

JsonHenry3875d ago

I built my rig back in Feb. of this year. I spent around $850 USD on my comp. But I already had speakers and a monitor.

I am playing the Crysis beta and my rig blows through it like butter.

8800GTS (the most expensive thing), 2 gigs DDR2 800Mhz ram, a 160gig HDD, and a 4400+ CPU. Runs the game just fine. Sure for $500 you can get a decent rig. Especially if you are playing at console resolutions of 720p. 720p is a low resolution in terms of what PC players are used to.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3875d ago

but can you prop your feet up on the couch or bed, with arms stretched out, head set on, talking to your buddy around the world and watch it on a 50" Toshiba HD (wireless)?

NRG3875d ago

Yes. Yes you can. A lot of people are investing in larger monitors for their computers. Most gamers today have the headsets for their computer, and no hardcore computer gamer plays with a high-end wireless mouse. Wireless and high-end is contradictory in terms of speed. Image quality on computers completely destroy consoles with levels of FSAA and anisotropic filtering available. Especially when you surpass the 1920x1080 resolution.

JsonHenry3875d ago

Actually dude, I have a wireless keyboard and mouse, 5.1 surround sound, and a 46" 1080p TV. So the answer is YES, I can sit on the couch, and do whatever else a console person might sit. But I also have a 20" 16:10 LCD computer monitor to sit and play on when my wife wants to watch a movie or whatever it is she watches on the TV.

PC gaming is not for everyone, I agree. But for those of us rich enough, knowledgeable enough, and prefer to play on the PC - PC gaming is a pure joy and surpasses console gaming on every level except for price.

And thankfully I am able to afford the best in PC gaming, because it is the best gaming to be had. I do own an Xbox360 and a PS3. But if I get the option to buy a game for a system, it goes as follows - PC>360>PS3

risk3875d ago

id only disagree on one thing, almost all of xbox's games come to pc one time or another, so you only need a pc/ps3 to be able to play them all. im currently planning on spending around 800$ on a new pc, but i wont spend it untill i find out more on the dx 10.1 revision and after the barcelona quad core comes out.

TheMART3875d ago

Yeah PC gaming is nice...

Drivers problem... drivers update
Vista needed for game, Vista problems with game, XP 2nd install
In 1-2 years another GPU and more RAM to keep up
A keyboard is made for typing, a mouse just for desktop pointing, a controller is made for gaming

Starting up Bioshock on my 360 takes... starting the console up. On my PC it would take me starting up Windows first, and not too have all the processes running while playing the game you close many stuff in the system tray...

Nah all factors combined (a PC rig in the living room besides the big HDTV? How many people want that)

For gaming it is:


for me. I hated that every 1 to 2 years I had to put in another 300 to 400 Euro just to keep up a bit.

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Premonition3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

500 wont get you far in this day and age with the good games coming out, 500 alone is just one nice graphics card alone, and then the processor 80-200 and then memory 50-80 depending on what your motherboard can handle,the list goes on.

Charlie26883875d ago

Well 500 wont get you too far specially with the upcoming games, around 1000 bucks will get you a pretty good result and if you want high end you can do it for 1500

razer3875d ago

Which I don't see covered in this article..

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