Kinect Has Hacks Galore, But Where Are the Games?

Paul writes, "With the small amount of Kinect games that are out and another small amount coming, with still not a single first person shooter to be seen, Xbox 360 Kinect owners are witnessing a major influx of home-brew hacks, games, and applications of the new 3D motion detection device. The only problem here is that the majority of the many millions of gamers who purchased the device will never be able to experience them for themselves on their Xbox 360. The small percentage of people with the ingenuity to experience what is coming forth in the underground Kinect scene have brought great revelations on what the tech can do, unfortunately for many it requires some serious computer work and jumping through hoops before one can play these custom Kinect concoctions..."

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Hitman07692895d ago

Looking forward to seeing these "hacks" turn into real games but wondering if it will ever actually happen. Too bad MS isn't more like Valve???

MariaHelFutura2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

MS has 3 first party studios.(less than they had when they started this gen BTW)

They couldn`t keep on buying exclusive rights forever, so this doesn`t surprise me AT ALL. If you guys are expecting a flock of games to show up your gonna be disappointed. They will get games out for it....but slowly.

IMO. They should have took the 500M for Advertising Kinect and bought a few studios and tried to launch Kinect w/ their next system.

ABizzel12895d ago

I'm actually interested in what Kinect has in store for hardcore gamers. If you look at their line-up there are some big names working on Kinect games like Grasshopper, and I really want to see what they're going to do. Speaking of Grasshopper I want to see more of their new game with the demons, it looked kind of like Darkwatch, but good.

Agent-862895d ago

I haven't seen one Kinect game worth playing and doubt I ever will. It will never be good at core games because it is just too laggy and inaccurate. Like the title of the article stated, "Kinect Has Hacks Galore, But Where Are the Games?"

ABizzel12895d ago


I'm interested, but I agree. I need to see it to believe it, so they have until E3 to make me a believer.

NYC_Gamer2895d ago

this piece of hardware is for the casual market

fromasterjay2895d ago

I'm a casual gamer! And I agree...

vgcgames2895d ago

kinect is great but mosty for navigation and mini games for full motion gaming the move has the most options and best quality.

dkblackhawk502895d ago

Hmm very true, looks like MS is giving hackers al lthe credit.

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The story is too old to be commented.