Microsoft's Answer to Portable Gaming is Windows Phone 7

Don't expect a portable, dedicated gaming platform from Microsoft anytime soon. There will be no answer to the DS or PSP, no portable Xbox 360. That is unless you count the Windows Phone 7.

"This is our mobile platform for games," Kevin Unangst, senior global diretor of PC and mobile gaming at Microsoft, told Kotaku during a meeting at CES last week. "The same people who make the Halo game, the same development folks, work on this, this is our mobile console."

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darthv722892d ago

this is not needed. To think the WP7 is the competitor to the ds/psp is asinine. This is the competitor to the iphone.

Just because it is portable and can play games does not put it in the running with dedicated units. I think there is so much attention on the 3ds / psp phone that many are trying to associate WP7 into the same league.

Lets get back to reality. WP7/Android is to iphone as ds/3ds is to psp/psp2. That is how they relate to each other.