Light Drizzle or Heavy Rain?

What with Heavy Rain featuring so prominently in the top 5 lists of many people I couldn’t resist having a pop at the game in the forums. Fortunately for lovers of the game Headcase was on hand to provide some much needed balance in the discussion. In order to save you all from trawling through the forums to find the discussion, and with the aim of preventing the thread from becoming too overgrown I’m posting the relevant parts of both sides of the argument for everyone to enjoy. First of all, from myself: the case against.

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FrankMcSpank2891d ago

If you are mature enough and have an open mind to do experience something new, try Heavy Rain. It's a different kind of game that will both amaze you and show you that there is hope for the evolution of gaming. I get that some people can't wrap their minds around the idea, but if you just let yourself experience the story, it will suck you in. Don't worry about trophies, or making mistakes, or understanding it all when you first play through it. Just let yourself get pulled into the world of HR and allow it to move you. It's my GOTY for the simple fact that past all the violence, or shooting, or sex, it has a deep story that I am the focus of. I may not be 100% in control all the time, but that is the beauty of it.

It's the only game that I have played that the choices you make aren't black and white. You let your own emotions dictate them. For example, at the beginning of the game you can have a Nerf Sword Fight with your son when playing. I purposly failed the QTEs because in my mind, I would want my child to win. Be a good dad and let him feel like the champion. A game that does that is a truly inspiring game. One that you can play with your heart, with your emotions. Don't knock this title. If you are afraid to buy it, rent it. $6 for something that could easily change your outlook on how story is told in games. "How far would you go for love?" is a great tagline. The game really tested me, so I challenge you to enter the world as well. It's your story, unique to you. God Bless...

christoph2032890d ago

I didn't read all of the article.. but what a load of rubbish..
I read books and seen tons of movies and heavy rain stood out as the deepest most involving videogame I think I've ever played.. It deserves no.1 on the lists I think.. Videogames have a massive flaw.. the repeative gameplay mechanices.. Shoot, run, healthbars etc.. Heavy rain proofs games are far more emotional and powerfull when you get rid of these mechanics and design gameplay that pushes the story forward. Quantic dream are the pioneers of the video gaming industry in my opinion.. I don't believe mass effect, gears of war and maybe even uncharted can compete on a story/raw emotional basis when compared with heavy rain.

christoph2032890d ago

Woa and nice comment FrankMcSpank totally agree with everything you said.

webby3172890d ago

I think Heavy Rain is amazing. If you read the full article you see sides for and against Heavy Rain

THC CELL2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

360gamercast is run by x box fan boys, most of the admins are racist also. im shocked they have played heavy rain.

I loved heavy rain the story is so deep.amazing

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