Another James Bond videogame confirmed to be in the works

Nintendo Universe writes:

Alongside today’s news that the 23rd film within the ever popular James Bond franchise is set to enter production within late 2011 for a release November 9th 2012, comes a more gaming related note.

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GameTavern2893d ago

Wait, let me catch my breath here. I am shocked... SHOCKED that Activision is making a sequel to one of their games.

That never happens.

velocitygamer2893d ago

Oh god...another crappy one? I liked it when EA made James bond games...miss those days :'(

AGamerOfConsoles2893d ago

I liked it when Rare were making a good James Bond game. Considering how old it is its still highly regarded. Sadly that Rare is no more now.

Quagmire2893d ago

I dont mind if this new one is made by Raven Software. If Antivision chooses another developer, it will be as bad as Blood Stone.

hassi942892d ago

Uhh I know, Activision will start pumping out sequel after sequel :|

If activision would stop being such twats we could possibly have Goldeneye 64 Remastered for XBLA. I'm sure Rare are more than glad to do it!.

Rubberlegs2893d ago

Activision have full rights to James Bond licence so you wouldn't see any other publisher release it anyways.

tehpees32893d ago

Captain obvious will approve this article

Convas2893d ago

Well ... if it anything like those animations in the video for the James Bond prototype we saw a while ago ... I'm in!

ElementX2893d ago

James Bond is one of those franchises that has to end, both movies and games.

mushroomwig2893d ago

Agree, not movies but definitely the games. It's just a shame that we won't see a movie for a long time considering the money situation with the studio.

specialguest2893d ago

Does anyone still care about the James Bond franchise? I certain don't. Back during the 60s, 70s, and 80s, Bond was the one and only male character that was supposed to be the epitome of classy and cool. Now a days, Bond is so irrelevant with this generation.

AGamerOfConsoles2893d ago

Bobby doesn't care about how relevant it is. All he cares about is money. Thats why he tried to turn Modern warfare into a separate series and not just a COD.

renegade2893d ago

May be change developers and publishers can bring the game back to life.

BLACKBOIJONES2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Im sorry but 007 on the n64 will forever b king

@ElementX ..I luv james bond movies and i dont want it to end.

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The story is too old to be commented.