DC Universe Online PS3 Trophy List revealed

XMNR: Wondering what kind of Trophies you can achieve while playing DC Universe Online on the Playstation 3? Well good news since the game is launching today we can also tell you what the trophies are and how to achieve them.

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sinncross2896d ago

As time consuming as those will be I was hoping for a little more variety... like clearing a mission with no health loss etc

but game looks like fun anyhow :)

Queasy2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

There are little in-game achievements like that but they don't translate to trophies.

But that's an excellent point to bring up so I added it to the end of the article. Thanks sinncross.

despair2896d ago

the feats in game(in game achievements) go towards gaining skill points, every 100 feat points is 1 skill point so they have uses and are actually necessary in game.

Christopher2896d ago

Eh... MMOs shouldn't have PSN trophies. If they did trophies, they should do them like WoW.

mushroomwig2896d ago

Holy Batman! Talk about time consuming, but that's a great thing.

despair2896d ago

I estimate about 300 hours to do it, around 45 hours to reach level 30 per character and its 6 characters, the platinum in a race is the easiest as the very first race you do is extremely easy to get the platinum. And everything else stacks on the 6 characters to level 30 with 1 for each mentor and make sure you have 1 of each movement type.

Kon2896d ago

Online trophies are very hard to win, i wonder how much time it takes to win the platinum trophy.

Redempteur2896d ago

if you want an idea , you can get from LV 1 to 30 in 12 hours of play playing average.
as for the platinium medal for the race , the first race is VERRRRRY easy adn i got it on the first try .

This list is very easy , just time consumming

Clarence2896d ago

Are there any reviews up yet for the game?

Queasy2896d ago

Lots of previews from the beta but no reviews yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.