Nine Inch Nails headlines new Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock tracks

The January Mega Pack for Guitar Hero Warriros of Rock features three songs by NIN, including "Head Like a Hole," "Closer" and "The Hand That Feeds." The pack also includes three tracks by A Day to Remember and four additional singles by HIM, The Used, Hawthorne Heights and The Damned Things.

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ddelella2890d ago

Still not sure why bands agree to release on Guitar Hero and not both GH and Rock Band. Rock Band clearly has the edge with more instruments, more pro-like modes, and a bigger library. The Hand That Feeds already exists with many other NIN tracks but I would love Closer and Head Like a Hole. Shame

Darkfiber2890d ago

Does anyone still play these games?

Also, NIN is like gay electro shit, how are they "warriors of rock"?

dkgshiz2890d ago

Don't support crappy games that shit out a rehash every year.