Midnight Club: L. A - Sneaky First look Preview - "This is definitely one title to watch out for"

While it's not due for release until early next year, Midnight Club: Los Angeles is shaping up to be quite a nice little game. In case you'd forgotten, the original Midnight Club revolutionized the open-world racing genre, and is still turning heads and raising standards today.

With the amount of confidence oozing out of Rockstar, they know they have a winner and it's their intention that as many others know it too. This is definitely one title to watch out for.

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HeavyweightInTheGame3933d ago

Definetely looking forward to this one...

Lookin fantastic

mustash20033933d ago

and will definately be owning this one. It looks awesome!

HeartlesskizZ3933d ago

WoW, those screens look so realistic. Only if GTA4 WAs like that...
Im so getting this over Need4Speed

Ri0tSquad3933d ago

New need4speed game went off in a new direction lost some fans doing it too. Midnight club here I come.

BloodySinner3933d ago

This game will rock hard.

FirstknighT3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

I hope they keep the insanse ramps and jumping off buildings and all the crazy gameplay. This is my second favorite arcade racer next to PGR. I been wanting a next gen Midnight Club for awhile now. Hurry up Rockstar!

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