Champions Online: Free for All coming in January

Cryptic has revealed that Champions Online: Free for All will be releasing January 25th.

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DA_SHREDDER2891d ago

free cause DCU is gonna stomp dat @ss. Hahaha!

RonyDean2891d ago

LOL we will have to see. - For free tho, I will definitely be checking it out.

StitchJones2890d ago

Less then 2yrs after it's release. Another example of a MMO that should have been released at a lower retail price and cheaper monthly rate to have a larger initial revenue. The more MMO games that do this, the harder it's going to be for other companies to release a game trying to follow a monthly billing pattern where the masses will wait for a free-2-play model.

itsralf2890d ago

I refuse to pay $15/month for any game. Especially when I already have to buy the game itself for $40-60. That's just way too much. F2P w/ Micro-transactions are where it's at. Nexon is making a fortune. PS Home has been profitable. Other companies need to pick up on this.

Is this game any good though? What are the system requirements like?

Saryk2890d ago

I never understood the need to follow a standard in charging a monthly rate. Hell when EQ first released it was $9.99 and then went up accordingly. If I had been the devs of Champions I would have released free or $9.99 then gave options for different levels of fees. $5.00 a weekend or $7.00 for two weeks, etc.

dernkuhn2890d ago

Free? Like I don't have to spend money? Hmm, I guess I can play this till Star Wars MMO comes out.

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