Gameroni: Growing Up Nintendo #08: Used Games Are Cheap!

Jason Venter writes: "To the best of my recollection, that’s the first time that I’d ever seen used video games, the first time that the idea of buying and selling used games had ever even entered my mind. I loved my games (even the bad ones) so much that until that point, I would never have thought that they might be turned in for profit, or that others would commit such a treasonous act and that I could benefit from their folly. It seems like such a silly thing to not recognize that possibility, now in these days where there’s a GameStop in nearly every sizeable town in North America, but my youth was a magical era when I’d never heard of GameStop and even Electronics Boutique (now known as EB Games and owned by GameStop) was just a mail-order catalog that came several times a year and teased me with overpriced games that I could almost never buy."

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