An Interview with Extreme Overclocker " K|NGP|N" writes, "Vince Lucido has just unpacked a brand new GeForce GTX 580. Eager to test out what the new graphics powerhouse can do, Lucido, better known as "K|NGP|N" (pronounced "kingpin"), preps to overclock the card but unknowingly uses the wrong-sized trimmer. An electric zap jets out of the card as smoke billows through the air. The GPU is fried. This just goes to show that even one of the world's premier hardware overclockers can make a rookie mistake."

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ATi_Elite2890d ago

Way to smoke a GTX 580 and now that's $530 down the drain. Oh well must be nice to be a hardware editor.

2 GTX 580 = $1000
2 HD 6970 = $700

Average margin of FPS advantage of a GTX 580 Sli over a HD 6970 CF equals 9 FPS. $300 = Core i7 2600K.