gamrPreview: 20 Most Anticipated Nintendo 3DS Games of 2011 - gamrFeed

gamrFeed's Alex St. Amour details the most anticipated upcoming games for Nintendo's incoming little console.

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heyfling2866d ago

Remove Transformers since it is going to be a movie tie in and you have a decent list.

swirldude2865d ago

I can't wait for these games, and for the 3DS to release!

Duke_Silver2865d ago

if I hadn't just picked up a Ps3, I'd be all over this

AWBrawler2865d ago

seems like you are all over this, cause you commented here

Ponurasky2865d ago

Looks good enough. I just hope we get more fresh games, not only ports and sequels.

And I hope Animal Crossing will be better than DS installment, which was fun but for a short time).

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