Uncharted 3 vs. The Last Guardian

"Uncharted 3 and The Last Guardian are both set to hit shelves this coming Fall/Winter - also known as the “Holiday Season” - and they may end up singing strikingly similar tunes. Tunes that go something like, “Our success is inevitable, so give us all your money and award nominations now, please.” But to the layman PS3 owner (or those strapped for cash), it won’t be as easy as strolling into the local boutique and letting seven $20 bills drift casually onto the counter. Some of us have got to make choices." - GameZone

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MariaHelFutura2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )


Never thought I`d see this one.

Where`s my LittleBigPlanet 2 and Infamous 2 comparison?!?!

Caspel2891d ago

I'd pick LBP2 for the best pick for my money.

HappyGaming2891d ago

4 Pineapples vs a 4GB USB

sunnygrg2891d ago

Sony's exclusives are so awesome that game sites are stuck pitching them against each other.

ThanatosDMC2891d ago

PS3 exclusive vs PS3 exclusive... i knew it's gonna end up like this some day.

Coffin872891d ago

Why do you complain?? This is a step forward from PS3 vs 360 fanboy rants if you ask me.
Although I must of course agree, comparing U3 vs TLG is as useful to humankind as .. rofl I can't think of anything. That's how useful it is.

HappyGaming2891d ago

actually this is more useful than a Halo Reach vs Killzone 2 comparison etc...

It is not like you are going to buy another console just for one game all it creates is fanboy flaimwars most of the time.

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alee2891d ago

Both of these look pretty good. I haven't played any of the prior games, though.

MariaHelFutura2891d ago

The Team Ico Collection will be perfect for you then.

SOTC is one of the best games ever made IMO.

Joni-Ice2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

@ alee, Dude you never played Uncharted? OMG, stop what your doing, grab your wallet, grab your car keys, grab your jacket, kiss your wife, and go buy this game. Speed back home, say Honey im home, run to PS3 Yes keep on jacket you wasted to much time allready, and experience the greatness of Uncharted. The Uncharted series IS one of my GREATEST experiences in gaming.

Nineball21122891d ago

"Yes keep on jacket you wasted to much time allready"

I laughed. :) +Bubs

rockleex2890d ago

Joni-Ice's comment should be made into a Kevin Butler commercial for Uncharted 3. :D

gillri2891d ago

hard to choose, day one purchase for both

DelbertGrady2891d ago

What's up with these headlines?

Mortal Kombat vs Elder Scrolls V? Anyone?

zootang2891d ago

Comparing Multi-plats again are we? You really should get a PS3.

falloutx2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

I think he's trying to say, What's up with the random comparisons...?

BeaArthur2891d ago

These articles are so dumb. If you can only afford 1 you buy whatever is more appealing, simple as that.

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