What We Want from Diablo III: 10 Must-Have Features

GR - Asking for Blizzard to give you anything can be like speaking into a vacuum, but the Diablo community yells louder than most. Listed here are ten features that Diablo III needs to have.

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halocursed2893d ago

Whether Blizzard likes it or not, there is going to be a competitive PvP scene. I don't see why they would be against it considering the huge potential it has for re-playability.

rvignesh90082893d ago

Diablo III needs to come out this year!

Seniorscrapper2892d ago

I know the Diablo series was the original and all that, but I felt the first Torchlight really perfected the hack and slash experience. Blizzard seems to have a run for not changing much to their formula, and Diablo 3 honestly just looks like Diablo 2 with a graphics lift.

Raf1k12892d ago

There's not much to improve on. Diablo 2 is still just as playable now as it was when it released and as much as I loved Torchlight it's a bit of a dumbed down hack'n'slash experience. Diablo 2 is still better IMO.

Having said that I'll admit they do need to add something to the game instead of just making it the same with updated graphics like they did with SC2 which I enjoyed but I thought it lacked depth for a modern RTS.

NeoTribe2886d ago

I thought starcraft improved in every way possible really. My only complaints is there was no chat channels for it. They just added it in with a patch and its serious fail IMO. Last thing i dont like is there just isnt alot of good custom maps or there not making it to top of list cuz of how wierd they got it now.

rufioho2892d ago

I feel like after SC2, Blizzard is just running their games off nostalgia. They're taking the safe route by updating their graphics and not doing anything new or exciting.

EditorAtGNG2892d ago

You are kidding right? Just look at how huge Starcraft 2 is (the Single player + online competitive play + user generated maps). Diablo 3 is going to be massive both in terms of length and innovative gameplay additions (think new class combos, destructible environment, more traps, new professions, enemies abilities, co-op combat, arenas, etc).

NeoTribe2886d ago

The whole arena thing is fine but i would hate if u HAD to be in the arena to be hostile or able to kill another apponent. The fun of d2 was runnin into cocky bastards who hostile u for no reason and chase u down. Was nice having random encounters. Do you know if its gonna be like that or do u HAVE to go to the arena to fight?

Relientk772892d ago

Diablo III should be better than Diablo II, which is a hard task

thats_just_prime2892d ago

I dont think so dont get me wrong D2 is amazing game. THat being said gaming has come a long way and Blizzard is one of the top dev. SO I dont see it being hard for them to make it better. Honestly I think will get the same kind of jump form D2-D3 that we got with D1 to D2

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