DC Universe Online has hefty PS3 install and patch

XMNR: DC Universe Online launches today but PS3 gamers looking to jump in shouldn't expect to do so immediately as it requires a good bit of installation and patching before you can jump into becoming the next legend.

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ForzaGT2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

personally the size or the quantity installs in the PS3 never concern me mainly because the hard drives are dead cheap and can be eaily ugraded(external/interanal) but internet connection is bit of a concern especially at launch but hopefully that will be sorted out gradally after launch, for me wiring PS3 to my router has shown to increase connection by a signficant magin

Queasy2893d ago

Right now it is looking like an hour to 2 hour wait to get in depending on your connection. Probably will get worse as the day goes on and more people try to log on.

BX812893d ago

Yeah, I'm at 68% with 1hr.22min into it!

deadreckoning6662893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

The install isn't really a big deal. Its a one time thing. The REAL problem is that $15 monthly fee. Sony has balls releasing a $50 million MMO project with a monthly that virtually no one outside of the Internet knows about.

@BlackKnight- Most of the people on this site aren't even PS3 fanboys....they are PAID undercover marketing agents for Sony. Its the only logical explanation for people who disagree with logic, go apeshit when reviews don't go their way(check Destrutoid's LBP2 review), and are desperate for the PS3 to outsell the 360(when the PS3 is doing just fine).

To answer your question...thats were the disagrees come from. Time and time again I hear that a yearly fee to play on XBL is too expensive, and I AGREE.

HOWEVER, lets be consistent. If you have a problem paying $60 a year for XBL, which allows you to play EVERY online do you NOT have a problem with paying $15 a MONTH for ONE game?

Sony marketing agents bro.

BlackKnight2893d ago

Queasy & BX81

How in the hell do you guys have disagrees? Ridiculous...

Queasy2893d ago

@BlackKnight - I was wondering the same thing myself.

jack_burt0n2893d ago


my god ur conspiracy theory is incredible, ppl disagree with ur tired old rantings in every post desperately trying to bring heat to all negative articles lmao.

Achemki2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

XBL Gold has no lifetime subscription. PC version of this does, makes it cheaper in the end than $60 Cdn a year forever.

There's a difference between having to pay $60 every year just to access online gaming that is free everywhere else...or selectively paying $15 or $30 for just one MMORPG and being done with it when you beat it.

Gold forces you to pay to play for almost everything that's otherwise free. Even L4D DLC. If DCUO was on 360 you'd still have to pay for a subscription. DCUO isn't free anywhere, and the fee only applies to DCUO players. COD/KZ3/BC2 players can still play those games for free on PC and/or PSN. Nothing changes.

Ummm...FFXI on the 360 cost $12.95 a month and $1extra for each additional charachter slot at launch with no voice chat. Like I said, nothing changes.

DaTruth2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

People don't even read your posts anymore; they just see your name, know you'll be trolling and disagree/flag as trolling reflexively!

Now watch as my agrees pile up!

BTW: What is the price at the till! Paying $60 upfront and then paying a monthly subscription sounds like wallet abuse! If it's $60, you should get 3 months free!

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Christopher2893d ago

Typical with MMO releases. I should get my copy today and will likely spend the night installing it.

divideby02893d ago

^ yea... no new news here...playing these games on a PC, is pretty much the same....

Balt 2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )


Makes sense. Lots of it. I mean, what with all the hassle and trouble it takes to back up all your data from one hdd to the next. You know, the 9 to 10 hours it takes for the data back up, depending on what all you've got, and then another 7 hours for the clean reformat.

Yea, no concern at all.

I have a 500gb hdd in both my ps3's and nearly 250gb is taken up on one with psn games, installs and other junk. It takes 18 hours of 1 day for me to fully back it up and reformat the drive. 18 hours. I'm not alone, either. Sony's methods are junk.

MariaHelFutura2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Your comments sound like lies.

Edit: I`ll pick A (and I`m on a keyboard), since I`ve never done it myself. But my ACTUAL friends stories don`t sound like yours.

PS. We all own PS3s and 360s.

Plus I`m not just talking about this comment, you sound like Baltis. Where is that guy?!?! LOL. One thing N4G will teach you is there are MANY ways/styles to troll.

Balt 2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )


A) you've never done it.
B) you don't own one.
C) you love any and everything sony so of course there isn't a problem for you.

Take your pick and shut up. It takes an intense amount of time to change drives, format it, back up your old data and have a functioning system again. The Ps3 is constantly on during this time too. Sure that's real good for that poor solder job on the cpu board too. YDL's abound.

Joni-Ice2893d ago

I have 3 PS3's and it did NOT take me that long to backup my hard drive. I have well over 200 PS3 games including over 100 PSN games not including the movies and music. Dude stop lying.

HxCGamer2893d ago


it takes long but you are exagerating a lot...
it takes time to back up any data, and it's not like you have to watch it back up, just let it run...

and the soldering job on the ps3 is actually not bad at all.

p.s. if you wanna make up lies, you gotta throw in some truths to make it more believable... practice.

FailOverHero2893d ago

All I can say is you owned Mariahel, that edit of his/hers is nothing but damage control and conversation redirection. lol serious ownership.
He should have picked option C, we all know thats what it is

jack_burt0n2893d ago

why would u back up game data!?


Motorola2893d ago

1 - He IS baltis.
2- Full format on a 80GB took 6 hours when I sold it. To make it even better, it was a YLOD I FIXED MYSELF so it probably shouldve taken a shorter amount of time. It stayed on that long right after I finished fixing it.

HolyOrangeCows2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

You're fooling no one, Balt (AKA "Baltis"). All you've done is remove two characters to your latest account and started using a new technique of trolling.

For someone who has said he/she is "not be a gamer" , you sure have a lot of PS3 games on your HDD! From not a gamer to an expert in a few comment posts.....interesting.

"About Balt(is): I'm not a gamer and I don't "game" a lot of games"

Btw, wow. Look at all of the troll accounts out here. ChristianGamer trolling his little heart out as usual. M4ndat0ry_1nstall blatantly spamming. I'm sure the moderators will turn a blind eye after marking this for trolling, though. When they aren't claiming that they "can't be everywhere at once" (despite the obvious pattern in what DOES get marked), they're ignoring PMs.

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ChristianGamer2893d ago

Hands up anybody suprised by a ps3 game needing a patch for online the day it releases

zootang2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Playstation games and gamers are sure looked after!

ChristianGamer setting a bad example, you should be ashamed of yourself go and repent.

UnwanteDreamz2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

@Christian Gamer

Your last 10 comments have been negative PS3 BS. Why not get a new hobby cause coming to N4G just to bash Sony seems real pathetic. I mean real real pathetic.

Do you even play PS3 games or do you just run your mouth about them?

Boody-Bandit2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Hands up anybody surprised by ChristianGamer trolling a PS3 article yet again?

On Topic:
Installs never bothered me (500gig hard drive with plenty of space) and patches and upgrades are always welcomed if they increase performance or solve existing issues.

MariaHelFutura2893d ago

Well fortunately....the PS3 has some 2011 releases to patch.

Just sayin.....

visualb2893d ago

*puts hand up, smacks christian gamer*

no im not surprised...

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TheDarkness2893d ago

Gonna pick this up today :DDD

Chaostar2893d ago

Gotta say, the beta was great, I went from having little to no interest in the game to considering making a £10/month commitment.

Queasy2893d ago

Pretty much the same. By the time the beta ended I was least through the first free month. :D

We'll have to see how it goes through that before I consider the monthly subscription fee.

Raendom2893d ago

Wish it was available via PSN. One of those games that i'd like to have resting on XMB for occasional gameplay.

divideby02893d ago

^ isnt this costing 15 bucks per month to play ?

Silly gameAr2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

It seems like a PSN release would be a good idea. Not sure why they didn't have that as a option.

UnwanteDreamz2893d ago

Would be nice as an option but damn that would be a big download the beta alone was 15 gigs.

ThanatosDMC2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

17gb on my HDD after the beta and they havent included the full game. I never did find a way to get to the moon.

SuperStrokey11232893d ago

its supposed to be like 25 or 30 gigs, PSN is a no go for sure.

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MGRogue20172893d ago


Take 100% full advantage of that hard drive.