IGN: The Witcher - Races; New Images

No true high-fantasy world can do without elves, dwarves, gnomes, and other nonhuman races. It's the defining element of the genre. It would seem that it's difficult to escape the often hackneyed stereotypes of the noble elves, the uncomplicated dwarves, and the ordinary human. Despite this, though, Andrzej Sapkowski shows that it is possible. By creating his version of this fantasy world, he brings with his imagination a huge dose of originality to the ossified genre.

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arcadegoal3841d ago

Hope its directx 9 and not 10 carnt aford to upgrade again.

Gorgon3841d ago

Its dx9. Also, there are no DX10-only games for now (Alan Wake is going to be Vista-only, but plays in dx9 and 10).

ParaDise_LosT3841d ago

is.....fvcking scary......................... .............