IGN:Deus Ex: Human Revolution Video Preview

IGN:It's been way too long since the last Deus Ex game. See why Eidos Montreal's Human Revolution could be a worthy sequel to the landmark original. Also, impossible sunglasses and arm blades.

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Kon2894d ago

What is this smell??? Oh,it is the smell of GotY.

HINDERIZATION2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

it's really starting to look like Game of the Year material. hope it's it's not delayed any further though.

Kalipekona2894d ago

I know that it has a very, very high chance at being my GOTY. Deus Ex was simply the best game I ever played.


I want right now D:<

gillri2894d ago

cant wait, although think it will be delayed to late summer now

hennessey862894d ago

the amount of multiplats coming out this year of aaa quality thay only need forza and gears to tide them over in 2011 but i do expect some announcments at e3. This year is going to cost me a fortune starting with killzone 3 and deadspace 2. It sure is great to be a gamer at the minute.

cemelc2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

What MS?? is happy for not having any game till November?? Dude dont apologize for MS lazines. You should be up in arms about that.

The industry always works like this every company is trying to make me go bankrupt with good games, my job is to try and find new and creative ways to avoid it (wihtout pirating), MS is not even trying to enter this competition in 2011.

guigsy2894d ago

Really wish this game wasn't delayed. It was going to be my first purchase of 2011.

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