Exclusives - A Good or Bad Thing? Well… The 360 is Doing Just Fine

If there is one precise thing these days that best defines video game competition, it's definitely that good ol' exclusivity! Fpssource just took a stroll on a couple of our fav-5 sites and sadly heard that the PlayStation 3 just dropped the bomb with a loss of another exclusive title. Man it must be hard… or losing exclusives just might be that much inevitable for Sony at this time. Fpssource wish Sony the best of luck, but Fpssource ought to move on to meet the point of the article. Exclusives these days gather a lot of attention, even as big as a console purchase itself at times.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

If you wann play games now and soon, buy a 360.

If your want to wait a year or ten for games, go for the PS3/RAY.

If you wanna whine, b!tch, moan, cry, sign petitions or throw fits for the whole gaming world then you might be more comfortable with a PS3.

If you use words like wait, potential, 10yr console, someday, maybe. possible, fantasy and wait, then a PS3 might be for you.

If you want the console with the "most popular games", then the 360 is best for you.

achira3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

i ask myself what ms pays you for this bs.

say me one adventure game that is better than uncharted and is on 360.

say me one hack and slash action game that is better than hs and is on 360.

say me one game that reaches warhawk onlin fun.

you see. i like shooters, but the ps3 has enough of all games, not only shooters, like the shooter box you promote here. the ps3 library is a lot broader and it gets broader and braoder, while you play your shooters. oh and when you have bad luck, you will have a ROD box.
since when is blu ray a disadvantage ? your logic is plain dumb. the ps3 has the best games, period.

by the way, why is this article in the ps3 section ? mercanary should loose his contributer rights, i mean he never goes by the rules.

stunt2133837d ago

WTF? exclusive is always a good thing no matter how bad the game is, this article is retarded

Mu5afir3837d ago

The guy doesn't show his sources other then a link that lists a few of the exclusives not the 153 he claims. Also for some odd reason he is including TIMED EXCLUSIVES as "exclusives" because they have been on the 360 longer. He has to also take into account that the 360 was launched a YEAR before the Ps3 and the Wii, that means any games that were released in the first year are going to be "DEFECTO" exclusives. These exclusives should not be counted towards the total.

PimpHandHappy3837d ago

guy above me

Amped 3= Not amped to play it
Blue Dragon= Some ppl will enjoy it
Bomberman Act Zero= wasnt this game on atari?
Bullet Witch=???
Crackdown= cool concept but i didnt really like it
DDR Universe=????
Dead or Alive 4= they made 4 of these already?
Dead or Alive Xtreme 2= Extreme= bigger tits
Dead Rising=good fun
Earth Defense Force 2017= title alone makes me think Japan
Far Cry Instincts Predator= far cry sucks
Forza 2= good game
Full Auto=PS3 has a full auto game
Fuzion Frenzy 2= never heard of it
Halo 3 ** (BOLDED YUP!)=winner
Import Tuner Challenger= U got forza and GPR and this game sucks
Kameo: Elements of Power=is this a card fighting game?
Kengo Legend of The 9= do kids play 360? Yea they do
Moto GP 06=wont sell in America
Ninety Nine Nights= HS puts this game to shame
Over G Fighters+ the japs dont buy 360's
Perfect Dark Zero=good game
Project Gotham Racing 3=Part 4 coming soon
Project Sylpheed=whats this?
Ridge Racer 6= PS3 has ridge racer
Rumble Roses XX=i like tits
Saints Row (PS3 version canceled)=yippy
Tenchu Z= looks like a ps2 game
Tetris Evolution=evolution huh? Will the lines explode with colors and music? This game will be more fun on a gameboy
The Outfit=could be cool
Vampire Rain=Name alone makes me think bust. If its anything like Blood Rein this game will blow

the PC+360 titles

I would only play a few of these games on a 360

Bio Shock and Gears of War

now to my flame on me point: This is all they have in almost two years? Give the PS3 the same time frame and they will have a list of games that rule. I wont get into it because you know what they are.

I wonder how many exclusives the PS3 has right now?


lists are good


DJ3837d ago

them on your list, hehe.

marionz3836d ago

you missed alot of good games on your list

viva pinata + VP party animals
banjo kazooie 3
mass effect

and probably heaps of others, the 360 has a huge advantage over the ps3, even a bad exclusive is a good thing to have, alot of people will go for the console that offers the most games good or bad

jackdoe3837d ago

Counting former exclusives is pretty stupid.

DFresh3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

The only thing that MS has going for them that is even remotely an exclusive is Halo 3. Which was all right not as good as MGS4 and KZ2 though also Warhawk has way better online play than Halo any day. Bioshock looks awesome probably the best game they have and Gears of War which looks fun as a 3rd person shooter but Eight Days looks better.
Ever since E3 they have been pushing this game Halo 3 too much over 1/2 of the presentation was on this game alone and the rest were all multi platform- weak.
That 3 year warranty doesn't mean anything if your always fixing it and not playing it.
Rich billionaires like Bill Gates just want money and being in a rush to get money and not create a quality product puts it in a bad spot when competing with my PS3 and the Nintendo Wii.
MS needs to step up their game not just in games but hardware as well...I mean 1/3 of the consoles overheating that's just horrible and a hassle to deal with especially if your an owner.

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