10 Xbox 360 exclusives we want MS to announce

Gamersmint writes: With all the success 360 and Kinect are seeing right now, we would love to see Microsoft spend some of that cash on these exclusives so that the core gamers get the games that they deserve.

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gameseveryday2891d ago

I would seriously want to see Alan Wake 2. Remedy just closed Alan Wake quite abruptly.

zootang2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

How long was it (Alan Wake) in development, 5 years? I think after all that effort and the little attention it got showed not to mention the cancellation of the PC version and the backlash from it. I would think a second would be near inconceivable.

Convas2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

The little attention it got showed? It wasn't Halo or Gears, or COD level attention, but you're WRONG if you think that Alan Wake doesn't have a large following.

I'm willing to bet my left nut that Remedy is at this moment developing Alan Wake 2. EVERYTHING points to it. I know it's coming, and you can be sure, it will do MUCH better it's second time around with the community, now that it has an established fanbase.

DualConsoleOwner2891d ago

but i think MS already shifted most of its attention to Kienct.

hence the very weak line up this year.

ChristianGamer2891d ago

When you say dual console owner, do you mean ps3 and ps2? Starting to think so

mikeslemonade2891d ago

Instead of "10 exclusives we want." It's "all of the 10 exclusives they will only get in the next 2 years"

InTheKnow2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Alan Wake 2 is in production but I doubt you will see the game until 2012. AW suffered severely from pirating and information recently disclosed showed that it was one of the most pirated game on 360...over a MILLION downloads. What was the most pirated game...COD?...Halo?...nope, how about Dante's inferno at 1.5 million...ouch.

Alan Wake was a fantastic game that needs to offer some co-op/ horde mode on line type of action to break through on the XBL heavy system.

AW is easily one of the best looking games this gen...

As for what is coming up for Xbox...E3 will no doubt have alot to say about the future of Xbox. I hope it's a new machine for holiday 2012 with Gears and Halo 4 as launch title's.

Titles to look out for???...

Forza 4
Gears of war 3
Mech Assault
Crimson skies
Any thing from Rare NOT Kinect related
Project: Kingdoms
Too Human ( supposed to be a trilogy )
Bizarre Creations PGR 5???
Halo MMO or Halo wars
Blue Dragon 2
Gun Loco

Kinect games...

Steel battalion
Project Draco
Suda 51 codename D game
Brain connection
Rise of nightmares
Fable 4
Forza 4
Star wars

M$ has said that there are a couple of hard core title's that have been in development for a while but are not at liberty to discuss them till given the Ok by the devs...whatever that means.

catguykyou2891d ago

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thats_just_prime2891d ago

Drop Halo rebot and PGR5 put in KI3 and Crimson Skies 2 you have the prefect list

Threesix2891d ago

Remedy has the game engine worked out, they've already written the script for the second one and Remedy is confirmed to be working on a AAA Xbox exclusive game. Most likely it's Alan Wake 2.

Kurt Russell2890d ago

There are so many good multiplats this year I am not too worried about exclusives, but I would like to see some announcement and a glimmer of hope for next year - something outside of kinect preferably...

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hennessey862891d ago

was a great game and i hope theres a sequel planned. Did you play the dlc because it closed the story quite nicely rashid

Christopher2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Which is kind of the problem. DLC shouldn't close out the game. I enjoyed Alan Wake for what it was, but didn't find myself invested enough to go for the DLC.

As far as Alan Wake 2... if they are going based on the same engine, they could easily produce a new one in only two years.

hennessey862891d ago

i see it being announced at e3 and i do agree with you on the dlc thing but the fisrt one was free to anyone who bought the game and the second one got great reviews so i bought it.

TheOldOne2891d ago

Ye I agree with zootang, Alan Wake 2 just doesnt seem likely which is sad cos AW was amazing. Alan Wake would hav sold much better if it was on PS3...

ps3destroyer2890d ago

Probably.Alan Wake was ment to be a ps3 exclusive.Remedy sucks.

doa7662891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

the only one of these that might happen is Project Gotham, the rest are just wishful thinking, MS gave up on the core audience and decided to focus on Kinect, there might be a few core games left before the next console but the focus is somewhere else

and the next console will probably be casual exclusive

ceedubya92891d ago

I don't fully agree. I think a good number of these games are possible. Some of them are pretty much a given. Just because they aren't announcing 40 exclusive games doesn't mean that there aren't any coming. Kinect is a big part of their strategy, yes, but its not the only part of it. Like it or not, there is a bigger audience out there compared to the core gamers. But the core gamers will not be completely left out in the cold.

TBM2891d ago

Id take a AW2, and LO2 for sure the others I can live without

IcemanHH212890d ago

Crackdown sucked

alan wake 2 would be good , but fix the gameplay, the story was great(little confusion at the end).

Fable 4 would be cool too but they need to get the fable series GREAT

new IP, ide say something like heavy rain maybe

halo 1 reboot, if the fans want it why not

Too human had GREAT potential, they can fix too human 2, i remember when i played too human and it was frustrating, specialy when you die you have to watch the same thing ( an angel comes down and takes your soul lol) and its like 20 seconds!! come on:p

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SMOK3xFFx2891d ago

^Yes, Lost Odyssey is the defining JRPG this gen for me.

Lamarthedancer2891d ago


I thought it was better then FF13

It was great :)

TheOldOne2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

agreed. FF13 sucked hard, biggest dissapointment this gen for me.

TBM2891d ago

My defining jrpg this gen is VC followed by LO. I have to continue Demons Souls so more to place it.

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hennessey862891d ago

from microsoft, i have a ps3 and at the minute the 360 is just collecting dust. Im enjoying gt5 but would love some new ips on the 360.

chadley2891d ago

SOme of these were cool, but it seemed this list was fishing for ideas, and it was missing a new Banjo-Kazooie, that's NOT in cars. Like an actual new Banjo game.

lastdual2891d ago

A *real* Banjo Kazooie sequel would be great, but I don't know if what's left of Rare is capable of producing it.

Banjo, Conker, Perfect Dark... So many great IPs. It's sad that Rare's soul has been ripped out. It would certainly be awesome if the studio could be revived.

chadley2891d ago

Poor Rare. They're like microsoft's puppet now. Nintendo never treated you this way Rare.

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