Who Is The Most Prolific Of All Voice Actors In Games?

NowGamer: "I was playing Mass Effect 2 yesterday and I met a minor character whose voice I immediately recognised, but couldn’t place. “I know I’ve heard that voice tons of times before, “ I thought, “But I can’t think where...""

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fastrez2749d ago

Nolan North is everywhere, and while some gamers complain about that, the reason is simple: He's a good voice actor. Rather have him than some half-assed voice actor who simply isn't up to the grade.

skyward2749d ago

Good voice actors are generally fairly anonymous IMO, whereas bad voice actors can drag a game down

-Superman-2749d ago

Uncharted and Prince of Persia - Nola North

So same voice :D

zootang2749d ago

Don't forget Desmond from Assassins creed.

ExplosionSauce2749d ago

It's hard to play a game with Nolan North in it and not think "it's Nate!" :P

HammockGames2749d ago

Didn't he also do the voice of the sidekick at the start of Singularity?

egidem2749d ago

Another good voice actor is the dude who did Cole's voice in infamous 1. He really captured the guy's darkness. I wish they could bring back this voice.

Peppino72749d ago

Solid snake - david hayter. Bubbles?

no_more_trolling2749d ago

cuz u mentioned a ps3 character, you expect bubbles?

i disagreed with you just cuz u asked for bubbles. so maybe you are lying thru ur teeth, just to get bubbles from the ps3 fans lol

fess up, which xbox 360 character do you think has the best voice? lol

Peppino72749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

At above - would mario be a better answer. Look at my history and try and tell me which console I favor. Smarty smart pants.
I ask for bubbles because I like bubbles. Who doesn't like bubbles?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Yea he's good. But he's not the most prolific. He's been trying to build his resume to the status of Steven Blum's. Now Steven Blum is prolific. Both in games and anime. Compare the resume's.

King-Leonidas2749d ago

Lol Nolan North is even in MGS4 as one of the PMC soldiers

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MatthewMk22749d ago

Thank You! Now people can stop complaining Nolan North is in everything. I wish he was in everything, I love Nolan North.

chadley2749d ago

Nothing on David Hayter? But he's a champ!

SuperMassiveGav2749d ago

Only been in, I think, 14 games.

SuperMassiveGav2748d ago

Article's still about the most prolific actors, not the most champ-est.

King-Leonidas2749d ago

Snakes voice is just too awesome... welldone David Hayter.

chadley2749d ago

My point is complete. and by none other than Leonidas

Focker4202749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Nolan North is great, don't get me wrong, but I'm really liking what Malcolm McDowell is doing in Killzone 3. He fits the part perfectly. He also had a small but great part in God of War 3 (old guy hanging in the labrynth)

jony_dols2749d ago

Brian Cox was awesome as Visari.

McDowell has big shoes to replace.

HammockGames2749d ago


Brian Cox is awesome in most everything he does. I'll always think of him as the Scotsman he played in Braveheart (his best role, IMHO).

"I'm your uncle, Argyle"

HammockGames2749d ago

Malcolm will be a welcome addition - they could do a lot with his character.

Sidebar: Speaking of God of War, Linda Hunt would absolutely be my nomination for Most Prolific Narrator. Masterful throughout the entire series.

Genecalypse2749d ago

Steve blum is in everything

theonlylolking2749d ago

I think he has a annoying voice when he does dempsey in [email protected] and black ops.

Sidology2749d ago

He's pretty much the Samuel L. Jackson of voice acting.

jony_dols2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Blums a filthy whore,

He'd sell his oral skills to his own mother to fund his whoreise ways.

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