Can Kinect revive PC gaming?

Debate: Is the Microsoft motion sensor the key to innovation?

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NYC_Gamer2895d ago

revive PC gaming?the platform is doing well on its own without kinect.

deadreckoning6662895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

@NYC_Gamer- Correct. PC gaming doesn't need a revival. I would go as far to say that there are more people gaming on PCs right now than there are on consoles. World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, Steam etc.

darthv722895d ago

is pc gaming on the edge of death?

Kinect doesnt need to revive it. I can see it expanding it into areas we wanted but never could reach due to tech limitations. I can see this working in conjunction with Nvidia3d (or other 3d glasses/apps) to do the whole motion controlled 3d environment thing.

I_find_it_funny2895d ago

I will never ever buy Kinect.

ATi_Elite2895d ago

Revive PC gaming? These editors have become so full of themselves that it's become nauseating. Sorry to rain on your PC doom parade but PC gaming has actually gotten better since Microsoft turned it's back on the PC platform.

PC gamers welcome all Ideas as it is an OPEN platform but we don't need it. Actually Microsoft needs PC gamers to mod Kinect and Kinect games to make it better for gaming cause so far the Kinect games lack innovation once you get pass the wow factor of using motion to control games it's pretty much rails and training wheels.

Keith Olbermann2895d ago

The only thing Kinect will revive is cheesy casual games...the ones the Wii ran into the ground. Why would I want this for my PC of all things??

ezcex2895d ago

Haha...If anything, it's the PC that will revive kinect.

OtherWhiteMeat2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

No......but Half-Life episode 3 could. And also can we please stop with the demise of the PC stories.

hellboy18802895d ago

Yes, it's getting old. Ancient, in fact.

BubbleSniper2895d ago

wow. flopnect revive PC gaming???? RAGE!!

PC gaming alive and well

ask blizzard how PC gaming doing.

ATi_Elite2895d ago

Ask Blizzard how Pc gaming is doing.

Sorry but they are way too busy shopping for Ferrari's to answer any questions and after Diablo 3 gets released the entire Blizzard staff may just retire to their beach homes in Hawaii, South France or where ever millionaires live.

WhiteNoise2895d ago

But PC is the only platform that consistently makes a profit year on year.

What were the games sales last year, 13.5 billion???

Yep Kinect is totally going to top 13.5billion in game revenue /s

DeadlyFire2895d ago

Kinect might spur some okay Kinect titles for the PC platform, but I don't think it will do anything for the most part the PC platform is just like the fanbase of films. Example old films vs. their new counterparts when remade. Old movie had less gross profit. Why? Less people. Every generation adds more people and more money.

Kinect is an okay add on, but doubtful it will live on PC for life. Kinect for PC is Microsoft's attempt at saying look we are supporting the PC platform while really not doing a damn thing.

Last add on the WOW sold 4.7 Million copies in an article I read a week or so ago. That should make a mark to prove that PC gaming isn't dead. It just lacks a retail store front and promotions, but in spite of lacking promotions and retail support its still growing. No retail video game store sells a PC desktop + High end Gaming cards and video games. Certain ones do, but they are limited and not typical. For the most part PC parts are only found on the internet or in specific tech stores. Same with PC information and troubleshooting. Never found from Microsoft. Typically found with developers and gaming communities.

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Kran2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

REVIVE? Oh so those 12 million players dont exist on World of Warcraft. Those millions of players on Steam doesnt exist. Those millions of players on GFWL dont exist (well... for GFWL... not really, BUT STILL!)

TheLastGuardian2895d ago

CVG GTFO. All core gamers need is a PS3 and a decent PC.

darthv722895d ago

you should state your comment as such:

CVG GTFO. All core gamers 'like me' need a PS3 and a decent PC.

That way your comment is more centric and makes better sense.

TheLastGuardian2895d ago


What I wrote in my comment is what I think. Don't tell me how to comment bro.

I believe if you have a PS3 and a decent PC you'll have all the core games you could ever want. I don't understand where CVG is coming from with this crap. PC gaming isn't dead and Kinect is for casual gamers which is why I said CVG GTFO.

darthv722895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

it might be sort of neat to play WoW with this. Casting spells or swinging your arms like you would hold a sword to fight in a battle.

edit: yeah but that is a hack. we are talking official support where everyone who just wants to play it and doesnt know about applying hacks.

There are lots of great mods out there and not everybody knows how to go about getting them. To play a game like WoW (or any other pc game) shouldnt require the person know how to mod a game to enjoy it.

Kran2895d ago

somebody already hacked it to do so.

BubbleSniper2895d ago

impractical! mouse and keyboard still the way to go.


FrigidDARKNESS2895d ago

yes indeed...all signs are pointing that direction since MS said they will be active again in PC gaming and I bet Kinect will be a big part of it.

dannybohy2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

dumb article!. Who said PC gaming needed reviving!!
i think a version of kinect would be great on the PC platform, but more for general OS tasks and media player controls, or a suppliment controller in games along with Mouse and keys.

Xfanboy2895d ago

Can It revive the Xbox360?? thats's the real question!!

aviator1892895d ago

Hasn't it already done that in the past two months since Kinect has been out?

Renodefend2895d ago

we will see with the NPD in December!
Fear? :)

awesomeperson2895d ago

We will see the games this year!
Fear? :D

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