Heavenly Sword Review: Part Two


"On the off chance that you missed part one of the review, you can find it here. Part two will partly be a continuation of Brianmone's review and partly my take on the game. I will make it clear from the start, Heavenly Sword is a very fun game. That in itself says a lot, seeing as it is in a genre that has never caught my interest. I never finished God of War but I can quite honestly say that in my personal opinion, Heavenly Sword is a lot more enjoyable. I know many will disagree, but that is the beauty of opinion. Heavenly Sword combines a great combat system with rich characters that really come to life."

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PimpHandHappy3873d ago

Great movie

Great action

Great acting

Great game

i give it a 10

nasim3873d ago

HS makes all x360 games look like wii games.

BTW HS is now on the top selling list of PLAY,HMV ,amazon uk and GAME.

surely HS will kill competition in EU for ps3

m91058263873d ago

I agree. It's really a great experience...