Support Characters That Deserve Their own Spin-Off

NowGamer runs down some of the best supporting characters in the business from Barry Burton and Roman Bellic, to Captain Price and Cole Train, complete with mock screenshots.

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TimmyShire2892d ago

I'm surprised that Roman Bellic hasn't had a spin-off already.

TheROsingleB2892d ago

It would just be a mini-game collection :\

skyward2892d ago

Sounds like Ghost from CoD will get his own game, purely cuz he wears a cool Ski mask

chadley2892d ago

I would play a Slippy Toad game in a New York minute. But only if Peppy was commaning. Well I guess he has to now that General Pepper is dead. LOL

DelbertGrady2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Price? They must mean Soap McTavish?

*edit* Because he has a funnier name. But seriously, we shouldn't even discuss this since it might give Shang Tsung..umm I mean Bobby Kotick ideas.

Kran2892d ago

Why would Soap has his own spin-off? We played as Soap a lot in MW1 didnt we?

Axecution2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

What about Rico from Killzone? A full game with him? AWESOME. :D

specialguest2892d ago

Rico is not a well known character in the gaming world, and I don't recall him doing anything memorable.

Tony-Red-Grave2891d ago

he killed vasari and got a squad mate killed -_- spoilers ftw

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The story is too old to be commented.