New Bulletstorm trailer parodies Halo 3 TV Spot

Epic Games has released a new trailer for their game Bulletstorm that is similar to the Halo 3 TV Spot.

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RedDead2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

gameplay actually looked pretty awesome

Keith Olbermann2865d ago

Kind of funny. They made sure to pimp the gears beta. Proof this is intended for 360 crowd...coming out the same day as Killzone...oh and the humor.

dkblackhawk502865d ago

*blaaaaaaaaah* *light shines* What?!

Spenok2864d ago

HAHA, this commercial was actually pretty good.

curtis3942865d ago

The more and more trailers I see of this, the more excited i get :D

AssassinBrotherhood2865d ago

yeah it is the same Bulletstorm Epics next big hit

Hitman07692865d ago

Epic is the publisher on this it was actually done by People Can Fly.

Sonyslave32865d ago

But People Can Fly is part of Epic game .

IHateYouFanboys2864d ago

so? DICE is part of EA, but you dont say that EA made Battlefield Bad Company, do you?

Polyphony Digital is part of Sony, but you dont say that Sony made Gran Turismo 5, do you?

Naughty Dog is part of Sony, but you dont say that Sony made Uncharted 2, do you?

see where im going with this? People Can Fly are making Bulletstorm, not Epic.

STREET x KING2864d ago

epic are helping with the project too though. they have tons of input on what goes in the game. thats what the developer Adrian said in an interview. Like it or not epic are definitely involved.

RevXM2864d ago

Dev: People can fly (an Epic games studio)
Publisher: EA

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The story is too old to be commented.