Mobile Platforms Integral To New Bungie IP

NowGamer: Bungie has posted a job listing for a Mobile Application developer that will "define the interface of Bungie's next gaming universe."

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jimmins2691d ago

If bungie can figure out a way to meaningfully interact with a multiplat AAA game over mobile, then we're all doomed.

skyward2691d ago

Whatever this alludes to it can't be worse than the Fable III Kingmaker app. If some sort of multiplat or even cross-plat functionality is included, Bungie could be the next Blizzard

fastrez2691d ago

Hmm. Anyone's guess what Bungie has in store really, it'll be very interesting to see what they have planned. But can they replicate their past success again?

skyward2691d ago

If that means can they make another epic battle between space marines and aliens...? They could, but they shouldn't.

Feckles2691d ago

It'll be Halo… in space!


SixZeroFour2691d ago

nope...but i do have a feeling that the space battle they put in halo reach's campaign was a stepping stone to gain experience for their next game

matey2691d ago

no wii or 3ds in the description bubgie are pricks

Karlnag32691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

No, they just intend to work with current gen platforms.

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