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DC Universe Online is the only next-generation massively multiplayer online action game that delivers unparalleled physics-powered combat set in the DC Universe. This genre-defining game puts the power of the DC Super Heroes and villains into the palm of your hands…The next legend is YOU

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dannybohy2895d ago

I dont care how good it is! and however much id like to play it! i aint paying that much per month to play it!!. I can afford it, but just refuse to pay the high continous costs for playing this type of game when i dont pay for any of my COD games etc. How the hell can the younger players afford to play this! or their parents for that matter!. I guess Warcraft does well, but still think this is a fail


i like to try out a game before i bash it, but thats me

dannybohy2895d ago

Im bashing its price to play, and as the reason I wouldnt buy in, so dont need to play it! im sure the game itself will be pretty good.

Focker4202895d ago

"IfHow the hell can the younger players afford to play this! or their parents for that matter!."

Its not targeted at 'younger players'.

Lirky2895d ago

You made a legitimate point in how teenagers that are mature that like comics who are 14-16 dont have a way to play a Dc comics online game. Noticed i said Mature teenagers since how some teens would just yell inthe mic rap in the mic etc. to annoy other gamers and they dont deserve to play a "continual forever fee game" CFFG also known as Pay2Play.

akiraburn2895d ago

The thing you have to understand dannybohy, is unlike any FPS, TPS, or most other online games, MMOs are sporting a very different structure. I once felt the same way that you did about MMO fees, and that's why I avoided them. However I eventually was convinced to give it a try on a few different MMOs, and I figured that in a worst case scenario I'd be out an extra $15 for one month. I realized, that the pay structure (while annoying and very unlikable), actually isn't all that bad, given the sheer amount of content you receive, as well as the updates constantly provided.

Take WoW for example. While I'm not the biggest fan of WoW anymore, outside of the paid expansions, they're providing content updates in the form weapons, armor, items, new areas, etc., all as a part of that $15 per month you pay. You also have three entire continents to explore, plus the alternate map of "Outland", which overall has more quests, content, items, and possibilities than any offline RPG.

Now, I'm not any more a fan of monthly fees than I was before, because no one likes the idea of paying for something they've already paid for once, however I've grown to like some of the paid MMOs so much, that I am more than willing to put those feelings aside if it means an amazingly fun and addictive game experience. And if you're still a little wary about the whole thing, you should try some of the free or non-monthly fee MMOs (like Guild Wars) to get a taste of what the larger paid ones might offer.

As for DCUO, I'm very stoked for it. I started beta testing it a while back, and even from some of it's earlier iterations it was shaping up to be a lot of fun. I may have to wait on starting up my subscription though, due to so many other games releasing over the next several weeks/months.

KillahCam2895d ago

I'm getting this game regardless of the fee I need a game that continues to grow and COD doesn't do that for me, meeting newly created characters and leveling up your player for epic DC battles I can't wait!

DragonKnight2895d ago

I'm on the fence about getting this or not. It looks amazing, but is it worth $15 a month?

DragonKnight2895d ago

Yep. And they have packages too.

The PC version even has a lifetime subscription offer for $200.

ceballos77mx2895d ago

Me too i dont mind the 15 dlls, but im getting ME2, then killzone next month so i wont pay the 15 dlls a month for a game that ill be hardly playing.


As long as the content is incoming on a regular basis,15$/month is realistic.
The sum of three games I never really wanted to rent..

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