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Black Ops Map Pack 2?

We are not 100% sure about this, but it looks like Treyarch gave away the names of maps from map pack 2. Not intentionally of course. (Call of Duty: Black Ops, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

Dart89  +   1663d ago
I read somewhere that they are planning on making 4-6 map packs for blk ops.So let's see if they end up making all 6 maps then it will be 6*15=90 wow with those $90 dollars i can buy a new game.Instead of maps that should have been in the game from the beginning.
meetajhu  +   1662d ago
Have no fear Geohot is here. We'll just create a mappack.pkg for every PS3 allowing you to download the map packs for free. Chill bro homebrew is here to satisfy your needs. All hail Geohot! Tell me if you want to run COD at high resolution but at the cost of FPS we are ready to do it.
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Dart89  +   1662d ago
Yea i'm not a fan of running homebrew..and seriously man you're a disgrace to the rest of us players hacking just to run some old games while sony will do stuff to the ps3 that will effect everyone else.
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Joni-Ice  +   1663d ago
Yeah I heard 360 will be getting it in February. I think MS decided to release it then to distract attention from Killzone3. Gotta love concole wars.
CodCom  +   1662d ago
Map pack 1 will be released on Feb 1st. This is map pack 2 we're talking about :)
JeffGUNZ  +   1662d ago
No, I dont think that is why it will be released in Feb. Call of Duty fans will continue to play this game and will not switch to KZ3. Killzone 2 wasn't that enjoyable online, I really hope they turned things around for this game.
TheStee  +   1662d ago
Leaks are fun.
MUHAHAHAHAAHAHA  +   1662d ago
codcommunity.com :/
marcindpol  +   1662d ago
once KZ3 is released i am done with cod, also wont buy any cod game until the franchise make a huge step forward (new engine, gameplay, basicly everything...
RedRedSuitSDF  +   1662d ago
I wish they'd make the ultimate COD collection... No SP mode.. only MP, and ALL THE MAPS! I'm talking from COD 2, COD 3, COD MW, COD W@W, COD MW2 and COD BO...

I'm talking Tanks and everything, but on todays COD engine.. with Day and Night and weather cycles.

I'd buy that day 1 baby! BRING IT!!!!
dkgshiz  +   1662d ago
I hope when you say "todays COD engine"
I hope you are talking about MW2. BO was a downgrade visually for the series. COD4 was the peak for the series in my opinion. Not sales wise but game play wise. After COD4 the series took a turn for the worse.
RedRedSuitSDF  +   1662d ago
i think COD BO is the best of them all. i love COD 4, and i love cod w@w. i'm glad COD BO's has merged the 2 styles.
VenGencE999  +   1662d ago

I agree with you. BO seems to find the right balance with alot that was wrong with the series. COD4 was a turning point in the series and that's where the facts stop.

everything else is opinion and imo 4,5,6, and 7 are all the same game with a newer face lift...

how people view a game with a medicore campaign, no co-op, and an average MP as the peak of anything is beyond me...

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