WTF Sony? You could have kept these exclusives!

Everyone knows that in times past, Sony has had the opportunity to jump on certain titles and keep them exclusive for the PlayStation 3 system. Whether it was communicating with developers or supplying development kits, major titles wouldn't have slipped into multiplatform grounds.

The following list are all games that were once announced as exclusives to the PlayStation 3. However due to lack of development kits, funds, or simply publishers changing their minds, Sony lost exclusivity.

Also included is a list of major titles that could have been co-releases if Sony would have pushed out their development kits sooner and perhaps ponied up some money. However since they didn't, these are all titles Microsoft has gladly taken in as timed exclusives on the Xbox 360.

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Evil0Angel3869d ago

that big list of AAA exculsive to lose
and than big list of AAA to not be published in sony platform

ddldave3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

person who made that list is mixing facts with false to try to make it look like truth. ut3 was never ps3 exclusive, it was first for ps3 and 360 at same time but is now delayed for 360 and now it might be exclusive only for sony.

also dynasty warrior 6 was never official for 360 so it's still exlucisve for ps3. the person who made that is a pure bs 360 fanboy.

not to forget to mention that NINJA GAIDEN 2 will go multiplat to the PS3 at some point in 2008 when they announce it, all the 360 fanboys are going to cry. and it's true. don't make up bs saying that it's microsoft published this or published that because that's what all 360 fanboys say. we all know NINJA GAIDEN 2 WILL COME TO PS3. so keep dreaming that it won't because only in your dreams will it come true.

Evil0Angel3869d ago

keep dreammmmmmmming

published by microsoft and it says WORLD-EXCULSIVE
it diffrenet than with enchanced arm which was published by MS in japan only.than brought to the rest of the world byUBISOFT

Ninja Gaiden 2 is published by microsoft world-exculsive

CrazzyMan3869d ago

M$ doesn`t own rights for Ninja Gaiden, and you are really stupid, if you think, that TECMO sold their main series to M$. =))

here some points..
2) Team Ninja to do more PS3 titles

SageFrancis3869d ago

"Ninja Gaiden 2 is published by microsoft world-exculsive"

Is microsoft world-exclusive a new studio or something? I've never heard of them :/


Stupid people shouldn't be allowed computers.

rubarb233869d ago

just a quick question for the both of you, had this been the other way around and sony was the one publishing NG2, would you agree that it was also coming out to the 360 although it's being published by sony?
i don't think so. sorry guys, the game is exclusive to the 360.

AngryTypingGuy3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

It is developed by Team Ninja, but published by Microsoft Game Studios, in much the same way that 360 exclusive Gears of War is developed by Epic, but published by Microsoft Game Studios. This is why you won't see GOW on another platform, even though Epic traditionally is a multiplatform company. Likewise, NG2 will be a 360 exclusive for the same reason.

gta_cb3869d ago

you say the person who wrote this is a "bs 360 fanboy" yet its been posted on PSU lol, thats what i found funny.

Jinxstar3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

@ Evil Angel

Look do you know what publishing means? It means MS will be putting the game on discs and selling it. Getting a kick back. Thats it.

How many publishers do you think a book like "Hamlet" has had. Hundreds probably. Just beacause they are publishing it does not mean exclusive. all it means is timed.

I have 2 facts for you
1. Ikuragi has said nowhere that it is a 360 exclusive. I can not find it anywhere. Nor can I find any quotes of Him saying so.
2. The terms of the contract have not been released. Who is to say that 2 weeks after NG2 releases NG2 sigma wont be out for the PS3.

You may be right but you must realize that you may be wrong as well.

@ Angry typing guy.

Look GOW is made by santa monica studios. It is OWMED by Sony(When you walk in the door there is a big Sony logo on the wall) just like RARE is OWNED by MS. Hence Banjo Kazooie will in no doubt be exclusive no matter what. Just like GOW.

Gears could come to the PS3 depending on the contract details. I have not seen them. Also Gears 2,3,4,5,6, could be PS3 as well. I want to see what happens next year after Christmas sales are up and see what happens is all.

@ fanboys of all consoles.

Research more please. Look I am a sony fan but I try to back my statements up with facts and not attitude. You need to realize how the game industry works. MGS4 may not be an exclusive. I honestly think with the grafics and the Sixaxis and the size it will be a pain to put on 360. I would hate for the 360 to get a dumbed down version. Just buy the console it was meant to be played on. I own all 3 PSWII60. FF13... Now this looks to be truely a next gen game... I do not know details but if heavenly sword took up almost a whole BR disc. I can only imagine this taking up 2-3. Which means what? 10+ DVD's... This is speculation but once again imo you should play it on the console it was made for... BTW HS kicked some serious ass imo.

Just please do research and dont just follow what fanboys write. When I say NG2 exclusive. I tried finding out info. I found out what "publisher" mean't and found that no contract info has been released about NG2. This makes me suspicious. I will be until ikuragi says it. Even then it might still be sceptical because 360 fans are still hounding after MGS4...

Look in my honest opinion there are fan boys and girls on both sides that piss me off. To be honest there are more raving ones on the MS side imo. Truthfully. I can remember the 360 fans names much more then the PS3 ones. i.e. Power of green, Mart, Bloodmask... For PS3 the only one off the top of my head is Nasim. I honestly dont like the 360 community for that. Playing Gears is a sh!t talk fest full of stupid frat boys. The PS3 seems to be a much better atmosphere. Thats just the truth as I see it... Warhawk is a cohesive and fun atmosphere. Its fun. Not serious cause thats what games are.... Fun.

Xi3868d ago

"Please enjoy the worlds best action game running on the world's most powerful hardware" from the words of Itagaki himself. Obviously it can't be done on the ps3.

power of Green 3868d ago

All of Japan knows about it, MSFT's press conference Attendees Know NG2 is 360 exclusive. All 360 gamers connected to XBL knows the NG2 is 360 exclusive every gaming comany knows NG2 is exclusive you're the only person convinced its not 360 exclusive. You say it hasn't been announced we say TI announced it at the conference saying...

I never knew you guys wanted this game so badly you guys hid your pain pretty dam good at first although it could have been shock" but now I see you people are comming out of the wood work.

"Please enjoy the world's best action game running on the world's most powerful machine", this is what dude thinks of PS3.

WoundedMoon3868d ago

I didn't relize Itagaki was making the game for PC?

Frrrrrrunkis3868d ago

Frrrrrrunkis, Sir. Frrrrrrunkis!

Adamalicious3868d ago

But what about Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma!


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gnothe13869d ago

the way I see it is, sony knows they can compete money wise(buying exclusives) with MS!! so they just decided to sit back an rely on the playstation NAME to keep developers an fans at bay, but it seems like that little plan aint working out as they planned!! money makes things happen good or bad. anyway what did sony do to nintendo an sega when they fisrt got into the console race, they threw cash around an was the bigger richer company now MS is returning the favor!!

(by the way loving HEAVENLY SWORD))

devilsadvocate3869d ago

Wow, amazing news! I never knew this!!!

what morons approved this, everyone knows this already.

I have a story - halo 3 is gonna be released. Did anyone know that?

cloud3603869d ago

Am gonna get a ps3 for FFXIII so i dont care about that list

Jpinter3869d ago

Hate to break it to you buddy but Final Fantasy XIII is no longer exclusive either. I can't provide you with names just yet (reason why its not on yet) but Microsoft has been funding Square to bring the White Engine to multiplatform status....thus also paying for Final Fantasy XIII development and looking to eventually get a co-release.

Could this be the end of Sony? Sounds like it.

Foliage3869d ago

ahahhahahahaaahaahahaahahhahah ahaaahaahahaahahhahahahaaahaaha ha
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ahahhahahahaaahaahahaahahhaha hahaaahaahahaahahhahahahaaahaah aha

I actually think Jpinter thinks he's serious.

How can someone still be thinking this when it has been a confirmed exclusive since the launch. Get your head out of your ass. The white engine is multi-platform for other titles, not FF13.

Cat3869d ago

put simply, a multi-platform engine means jack about exclusivity. so unless you truly have access to top-secret eat it before it self destructs information, this doesn't mean anything for exclusive titles.

Microsoft Knight3869d ago

pos3 doesn't have any and what games it has out or are coming out are already being made for the 360 and they will look better and play better on it and i can't wait to see MGS4 and FF13 on the 360 Sony fan-bots will be crying when they are shown playable on the 360 at TGS07.

Anal3869d ago

OH my god your funny!!!!!! ahahahahaha really dude you got me hard, soooo hard ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahhahahahaahahhahaaaa NO!!!
Please die.


TheMART3868d ago

I feel pretty much honoured that people use Mart in their names, and seem to try to copy TheMART identity overhere, but it does get a bit confusing nowadays :P

mustash20033868d ago

You dont actually believe that Mgs4 and ff13 is coming to the 360. How long is it going to take before it sinks into that peanut you call a brain that they are ps3 exclusives. It has been confirmed many many times by the developers. There flattered that there getting so much attention from xbots but they keep telling them there exclusives.
Sheesh! I dont even own a ps3 or x360 and i know that the games are ps3 exclusives. I think its funny that xbots keep going on and on that the games arent exclusives and that its coming to the overheating jet engine they call a console. Well, whatever helps you sleep at night.