Silent Hill: Downpour Details Revealed

Silent Hill: Downpour details revealed in an opinion piece.

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maxcavsm2898d ago

I'm not sure how I feel about this game. I mean, I guess there's a new dev at the helm, but at the same time, as the article's the EIGHTH game...

Baba19062898d ago

i havent played this franchise for a while, hope this gets me interested again. =D

Xfanboy2898d ago

oh come on I want silent hill on PC man!! Ps3 it is then..

NoNeedForAName2897d ago

The Silent Hill series should have stopped after 3. The Room was the last game I tried playing in the series, I say "tried" because it was so terrible that I didn't bother to finish it. I have heard nothing but negative comments about every game since then as well which causes me to severely doubt this game already.

Skyliner122897d ago

I agree with this a lot. The first three Silent Hill games had this great atmosphere and story. I have played through all the recent Silent Hills (due to the old "this might be a good one!" theory) but they just don't click.

I'm still in the cynic category for this game, but the fact there's a new developer gives me a bit of hope..

AmigoSniped2897d ago

The more recent Silent Hill games have been really disapointing. Hopefully this will do better. We will see with time.