Kane and Lynch preview from GamePro: "Heat meets Gears of War?"

The core gameplay involves Kane and Lynch working together with other members to form a squad. You can control a team like most squad-based shooters to follow and attack, but you can also just fend for yourself most of the time, if you'd like. The first mission on display was set in L.A. After the prison transport crash, Kane and Lynch are on the run from the cops, and a Heat-like gunfire scene breaks out. We guided Kane from cover to cover, using the game's innovative cover system to stay out of harms way and fire back at the cops while sprinting to stations with the dedicated sprint thumbstick click.

It's kind of like Gears of War, although you don't have to initiate cover in any way. You simply walk up to a wall or post and Kane automatically attaches himself to it. There was usually enough pistol ammo to use at any time, but finding machine gun bullets was tougher.

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Deity013928d ago

I'm sick of every [email protected] reviewer under the sun comparing every game with a cover system or guns to Gears of War. It was a great game, but it did nothing new or revolutionary, but it seems as though everyone claims it did. Hell, I saw an article earlier which compared Uncharted: Drake's Fortune to F'ing Gears. I'm tired of it, and it needs to stop.

Noodlecup3928d ago

I agree, cover systems aren't new or innovative, neither are vehicles in FPS games (Halo)

These guys made hitman and freedom fighters, I'm pretty sure they know what they're doing and they do it without being influenced by a hugely popular yet overrated piece of sh!t game like Gears.

slak3928d ago

overrated yea piece of sh!t fu*k no your a piece of sh!t